Learn how to grow weed at home with teachers and consultants who help beginner growers succeed growing weed. 

Is growing weed at home easy? Yes, growing weed is easy when you know how to grow, or you get good guidance from the beginning. It is possible to grow high quality cannabis at home and for many growers it is easy to do. Growing weed is easy once you get into the groove of it, and it is fun, so don’t let anyone suck the joy out of it. Growing weed isn’t a competition, it’s an easy going hobby.

You can’t rush the learning process, but you can enhance it as best as you can. Finding a good home grow teacher or home grow consultant is worth so much to new growers who don’t know what they’re doing. Cannabis cultivation educators differ in approach and styles, so as you assess who is available and evaluate the different ways you can learn to grow weed at home, be sure to stick with them. You don’t want to pull from several teachers and mesh their strategies together in your first home grow. If you cherry pick your how-to steps from several sources, the likelihood you have a smooth growing experience is low.

And what are the goals of a beginner grower? Your primary goal as a new home grower is to harvest high quality cannabis flowers after 3 – 4 months of patient yet attentive gardening. There will be other goals, but be weary of any goals that include winning grow cups or contests. Don’t grow for others. Grow for yourself. 

Many new growers think they’ll be able to grow marijuana at home and sell it to their local dispensary. This Peter Pan pipedream never pans out. There’s no state that allows home growers to grow at home and sell their weed legally. Oklahama tried something like this, but has back-pedaled considerably. So no, you can not grow marijauana at home and sell it legally. Nevertheless, if you want to grow cannabis on a commercial scale, then you should start by learning to grow weed at home. At least you’ll have some cultivation experience as you apply to licensed cannabis farms across the USA. Many cannabis farms hire Grower Associates Level 1 and Level 2, plus Cultivation Managers, Assistant Managers, and Cultivation Directors. At the end of the day when you love growing weed at home, you may not want to grow professionally for a living and lose your passion and love for growing because of cuthroat business practices. At home, you do it your way. At a cannabis farm, there are polices and procedures and standard operating procedures. Plus, you can’t fire yourself at home. At a cannabis farm, in a volatile emerging market, people get hired and fired regularly, so if job security is high on your values, consider another full time occupation other than cannabis cultivation. 

Get to know your future cannabis cultivation teachers. 

The following companies and individuals offer home grow consulting, cannabis cultivation education and coaching. If you want to learn to grow weed at home with some help remotely or on site, then get ready to meet the top home grow businesses and teachers in the USA.

  1. Marc Davis, Home Grower Consulting 
  2. James Jewell, Grow-N-Places 
  3. Kat Betty, The Cannabis House Plant 
  4. Nix Alexander, Cannabis Home Grow Consulting 
  5. Benjamin Owens, Start Your Hobby Grow 

Gardening means spending time in the garden. That can mean just observing and watching. If Dr. Seuss grew weed, he’d say something like, “Oh the things you’ll see in your garden — only when you stand still and pay attention — oh the things you’ll see gardening!”  Gardening can also mean doing things like watering, fertilizing, pruning, or doing pest prevention or control. Take time to focus on each every leaf, flower, and branch too, looking for potential signs of health, as well as distress, bugs, or fungi. As you focus, you’ll also begin to appreciate the therapeutic nature of growing weed. The “focus” is much like mediation and can be helpful after a hard days work or relaxing weekend.