Top 10 Strains in the USA

In order to put together a modern top 10 strain list of all time, criteria has to be established. The key criteria to get on our top 10 strain list are long-term popularity and sales in both the modern historical illicit and legal marketplace. These metrics alone negate many legendary and epic strains from the list, because they don’t generate significant sales in the modern cannabis marketplace. Some strains which made the list have active breeders behind them, while some of the breeders are unknown, and some strains remain “in the public domain.” For example, MrSoul, aka Rick Campanella, of Brothers Grimm Seeds, is the creator of Cinderella 99 and he actively produces and sells Cinderella 99 seeds and Cinderella 99 breeder cuts. MrSoul is a charismatic cannabis breeder and artist with a nuclear engineering background. He loves to entertain, tell humorous stories about coming out of the shadows of prohibition and engage in all types of philosophical discussions. Another well-known breeder on the list is Capulator who is famous for his MAC1 clone-only strain and his entertaining Instagram. Capulator is known for his anonymity. Unlike MrSoul and his camera-ready personality, Capulator prefers to stay off camera and the phone, with the exception of Instagram.

The following list of top 10 strains include varieties which have been popular for a long time. Cannabis farmers actively grow them, sellers regularly sell them, and consumers love them. While you may see brand new hype strains every time you shop for weed, you should be able to find some of these top 10 strains in your area. If you can’t, don’t forget, consumers can also speak up and tell their budtender and local dispo (or hook-up) that they are sick of the transient hype strains.

Dispensary buyers and commercial cannabis flower producers who use this list to inform their strain selections will not be disappointed. Farmers and dispensaries who fall for the new-new hype are better off producing and selling stable products from this list made possible by the smokers in the so called illicit market. 


Top 10 Strains of Modern Times

10. MAC1 (Breeder, Capulator)

9. Chemdawg (Breeder, Chemdog)

8. Cinderella 99 (Breeder, MrSoul of Brothers Grimm Seeds)

7. Northern Lights (Breeder, “The Indian,” whereabouts unknown)

6. GSC (Bred by Cookies Fam)

5. White Widow (Breeder, Shantibaba)

4. GG4 (Breeder, Josey Whales, RIP)

3. Sour Diesel (Original Breeder Unknown, Possibly “AJ” aka, “A-hole Joe”)

2. OG Kush (Breeder, Matt “Bubba” Berger)

1. Blue Dream (Original Breeder Unknown)


The youngest strain on our top 10 list is the clone-only strain, MAC1 by Capulator. MAC1 is now understood to be a triploid variety of cannabis. According to cannabis scientist Matthew Gates, “Triploid means they have three copies of their chromosomes. If they cross with a typical diploid (with only two copies), they’re rarely viable, and thus make the triploids effectively sterile.”

What is missing from the top 10 strain list? While you may think of other amazing, top strains in your area, remember that these strains perform well everywhere. So, if you’re looking to determine the top 10 strains based on actual sales, market demand, and popularity over many years, then bookmark this list. We’ve consulted with dispo’s of all sizes across the country to find out what the most popular strains are in stores. We’ve taken informal polls with customers. We’ve consumed all the strains. We’ve consumed countless hours on strain discussions on Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, THC Farmer, and Instagram, and while there are large and loud segments of anti-Blue Dream cheerleaders, the numbers from sellers just don’t lie. These strains are extremely popular and sell very well.

Some that almost made the cut include Tangie, Blueberry, and GDP. In another 10 ten years or so, other popular newer varieties may make this list. Runtz, White Runtz, Ice Cream Cake and Wedding Cake are certainly all contenders.

We may see a widening gap between home growers grow and what commercial growers offer in the days ahead. Who will have the better quality product? Time will tell. We are leaning towards the home grower opportunities with the legions of OGs and illicit market breeders.