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Learn to grow weed at home, get cannabis growing tips, and find DIY home grow resources curated by Green Carpet Growing.

Green Carpet Growing curates weed growing resources and marijuana cultivation help for home growers. Whether you need occasional cannabis growing tips, or help growing weed at home from the start through the very end, you can find some of the best home teachers and consultants here. Since 2017, Green Carpet Growing has dedicated content to cannabis cultivation education, home grower advocacy and helping everyday people take control of their weed by growing at home. 

Is growing marijuana at home easy? The most truthful answer is yes and no. Yes, when you have good guidance from beginning. No, when you’re guessing along the way and shooting from the hip. We believe there’s no easier way to learn to grow weed at home than by getting help from experienced home grow consultants and teachers. If you’re new to growing weed, we want you to know that you don’t have struggle and stress out about it. There’s plenty of people willing to help you get started growing successfully from the very beginning. Below are our recommendations to help everyone new to growing weed, or struggling to grow successfully at home. 

Home grow teachers like Marc Davis of Home Grower Consulting (HGC) in Colorado offer online support groups for amateur, new and hobby growers. Inside Marc Davis’s HGC weed growing support group are kind, caring growers who will happily offer new growers helpful advice. Join and ask questions, but be sure to post photos and include as much detailed information about your situation as possible. Marc Davis also offers remote and on site consulting if you’re in need of assistance planning or building out your home grow. 

Grow-n-Places is a fresh cannabis growing resource for home growers around the USA. Grow-N-Places, based in Virginia, was created by James Jewell. They offer online grow classes, home grow consulting remotely and on site, and they sell home grow supplies on their website. If you’re going out of town, they’ll even babysit your plants. Whether you’re interested in a custom grow room for your home in Virginia, or an online grow class, or remote video training, Grow-N-Places won’t let you down. 

One last recommendation is a new home grow education company created by Nik Alexander in Chicago, Illinois called Cannabis Home Grow Consulting. Nik Alexander offers private home grow consultations with new growers, builds out home grows and grow rooms, and writes about cannabis cultivation grow tips regularly on their website. New growers usually start growing weed at home by planting feminized seeds. If you’re looking for the best feminized seeds in Chicago, then the marijuana seeds from Brothers Grimm Seeds marijuana seed bank are regarded highly for their germination rates, short flowering times, and competitive seed prices.

All of the recommended grow teachers are passionate about home grow and they are here to help. 

Cannabis Growing Education + Resources

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