Who are the best seed breeders?

As the cannabis industry rapidly expands, the most reputable cannabis seed breeders are contributing to cannabis genetics in powerful ways. Dig deep into it with this list of cannabis seed breeders and genetics companies curated for curious commercial growers and home growers. These seed breeders and genetics specialists put out all kinds of seeds: regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flower seeds and bulk seed options. For example, Brothers Grimm Seeds specializes in bulk cannabis seeds for large commercial cannabis farms.

Recently the cannabis industry lost some of the best cannabis breeders of the modern age, both SubCool and Josey Wales. These iconic cannabis breeders made significant contributions to the cannabis industry. SubCool is the famed creator of Jack The Ripper and Josie Wales created GG4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4).

There are no perfect top lists or best of lists, but hopefully you’ll learn something new with ours. If you like this list, share it with other cannabis growers who want to be informed about cannabis breeding, seed breeders and genetics. This list does not vouch guarantee you’ll be able to locate everyone included. Many of them are accessible to the general public, however some breeders and companies are not, or their online presence is sparse. Most of the cannabis seed breeders and genetics companies listed sell seeds, however they may not be easily accessible.

For fast and reliable customer service for seed packs or bulk seeds, Brothers Grimm Seeds delivers on all accounts. Brothers Grimm Seeds recently released Space Queen XX and Grimm Glue XX, both of which are only available as feminized seeds. Plus they offer feminized seeds of Cindy 99, Durban Thai x Cindy 99, Pineapple, Rosetta Stone, Apollo, Apollo Haze, G13 Genius, Princess Haze, and more.


List of the best seed breeders and genetics companies

  1. Brothers Grimm Seeds
  2. Grandiflora Genetics
  3. Jungle Boys
  4. DJ Short
  5. Sirius Seeds
  6. Super Sativa Seed Club
  7. Covert Genetics
  8. Envy Genetics
  9. Subcool Seeds (RIP)
  10. Alien Genetics
  11. Capulator
  12. Top Dawg Seeds 
  13. Thug Pug Genetics
  14. Humboldt Exotics
  15. CSI Humboldt
  16. Mephisto Genetics (Auto-flowers)
  17. Ethos Genetics
  18. HBK Genetics 
  19. Romulan Genetics
  20. Soma Seeds
  21. Purple City Genetics
  22. AG Seed Co.
  23. Josey Wales (RIP)
  24. Compound Genetics
  25. Shantibaba
  26. Dynasty Genetics
  27. Symbiotic
  28. Mr. Nice
  29. Dr. Kripling
  30. Myers Creek
  31. Ghost Grow
  32. Swamp Boys
  33. Dark Horse Genetics
  34. Kyle Kushman
  35. Chemdog 
  36. Cornbread Ricky 
  37. Lumpy
  38. Purple Caper
  39. NERDS Genetics
  40. Humboldt Seed Company
  41. Humboldt Seed Organization
  42. Rare Dankness
  43. Piff Coast Farms
  44. Lovin’ In Her Eyes
  45. Breeder Greg
  46. Oceangrown Seeds


It is recommended that you contact genetics companies and seed breeders directly to procure seeds, genetics, etc. Also, never try to purchase seeds on Facebook or Instagram. Social media platforms are scam-central. 


This list was updated 8/29/22. Bookmark this page for continued updates.