Top 3 Seed Banks in the United States

Home growers in the USA who grow weed from seed are always looking for the next new strain to grow. Take our top 3 marijuana seed banks in the USA under serious review before shopping at others seed banks who might be letting you down, or just not delivering the quality you’d like. The top 3 seed banks we’ve ranked are well known in the cannabis community for being among the best at what they do. They’re all known for breeding or curating premium genetics and seeds. Plus they’re known for supportive and fast customer service. Get ready to shop and grow unique strains from top online seed banks with confidence. You won’t be disappointed with what you grow from our list.


Top 3 Seed Banks in the USA 2022 and 2023

Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm Seeds is a seedbank known for releasing two or more new tester strains in the USA each month as part of their research and development. Tester seed packs from Brothers Grimm Seeds feature 9 to 10 feminized photoperiod seeds per pack and a QR code that links to an online form where growers can submit their feedback and photos. Home growers are encouraged to grow and test their new crosses with them. Breeder Rick Campanella is the Founder of Brothers Grimm Seeds and some of his new 2023 tester seed releases include Ocifer, Cinderella Purple, Headband 99, Puck Yes, Uberwensch, and more. If you’re looking for a seed bank that offers fresh new products regularly, then put Brothers Grimm Seeds at the top of your list. Their USA seed bank accepts credit card, debit card, Zelle and checks.


North Atlantic Seed Bank

The woman-owned North Atlantic Seed Co. out of Maine is proving that kind underdogs are not to be taken lightly. Their well regarded seedbank has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. You can find many popular and up and coming cannabis breeders at the North Atlantic Seed Co. seed bank. With their easy to use website and remarkable customer service, shopping for seeds at North Atlantic See Co. is a smooth experience. If you’re looking for a one stop shop for popular USA cannabis seeds and breeders, then North Atlantic Seed Co. should be on your got-to list. They even have a clearance section for seeds that they call “last chance.” Shop at North Atlantic Seed Co with your credit card or debit card.


Brother Mendel

Brother Mendel is well known for high quality auto-flower seeds and genetics. They have a large selection of autoflower seeds for home growers. Unique autoflowers like Pez Pops, Sour Rose, Black Strap, Black Thai Event, and many more are available. If you’re looking for seed sales, then mark your calendar for April 20th, because Brother Mendel offers an annual BOGO special on 4/20!


We hope you enjoy shopping for premium cannabis seeds at the seed banks we recommend. Remember, all cannabis seeds are hemp by law, thanks to the Farm Bill 2018. All seeds sold at the seed banks in the USA listed above are federally compliant.


Photography provided by Brothers Grimm Seeds