Green Carpet Growing offers marijuana seeds to home growers and beginner growers in the USA. Get stable marijuana seeds from top breeders in the United States and around the world with confidence. All marijuana seeds sold here are tested by our team!

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Marijuana Seeds For Beginner Grower – Rosetta Stone (6 Seeds)


Marijuana Seeds For Beginner Grower – Mota Hari (6 Seeds)


There are many reasons to grow marijuana seeds at home and collect marijuana seeds. One of the best things about marijuana seeds is that they have a good shelf life, and you can store them in a sealed container in a refrigerator for long term storage, too. Otherwise, marijuana seeds that you purchase should last a few years. So if you’re going to grow them soon, there’s no need to store the seeds in a refrigerator.

Grow with complete confidence at Green Carpet Growing. We only sell marijuana seeds we’ve grown ourselves, and we only offer genetics that are proven. Here at Green Carpet Growing, home growers can find marijuana seeds from best breeders in the world like Brothers Grimm Seeds.

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There Are No Refunds or Exchanges. All marijuana seed customers will receive electronic tracking numbers upon shipment. Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to ship. Once your seed order has been delivered, as confirmed by the USPS tracking number confirmation, Green Carpet Growing has fulfilled it’s obligation. 

NOTE: All marijuana seeds are considered hemp by law in compliance with the Farm Bill 2018. This means they are federally legal.


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