Learn how to grow weed (cannabis) at home with Green Carpet Growing’s beginner grow book and video, as well as live grow classes and virtual cannabis cultivation coaching/training through video chat.

Green Carpet Growing teaches beginners to grow weed at home with quality results and peace of mind. Our cannabis training is hands-on and empowers new growers to learn how to grow weed successfully from the very beginning. We teach a simple home grow system based on growing cannabis indoors in grow tents with LED lighting, soil, dry organic fertilizer, a couple fans and a few other growing supplies. Our services include 1 on 1 grow coaching and experiential grow classes, plus we offer a free DIY grow book online and a grow class on video for $4.20.

Green Carpet Growing makes growing weed simple, easy, and enjoyable. You don’t need a green thumb to grow quality cannabis at home. The best first step is reading our free cannabis growing book written by Marc Eden. The book includes step-by-step instructions with direct links to the supplies you’ll need.

You are also welcome to attend our beginner’s grow class for personal instruction in San Diego, California. Several plant touching activities make our  grow class an unparalleled experience for students. Participants from around the world travel to our beginner’s grow class. During class you’ll learn a simple home grow system to grow weed at home, all while interacting with cannabis plants in different stages of growth. There’s no better place to learn to grow weed at home, than at your teacher’s home grow!

We also offer remote cannabis cultivation consulting to help people virtually. Plus we are here to design and build grow rooms for you with a variety of cultivation styles, including soil grows and hydroponic systems. We can support you virtually or on-site, design a grow room that suits your needs, or simply assist you with product selections or build-out.


Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class


Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class online teaches an easy system for growing cannabis indoors. In his one-of-a-kind cannabis cultivation training video, you’ll learn how to grow cannabis (medical marijuana) indoors with soil, LED lighting and more. Previous gardening experience or green thumb not required. Soon as you watch, you’ll be ready to grow cannabis with confidence and bliss. Get your new cannabis cultivation hobby started with Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class Video and a grow kit today!

Grow Class Length: Over 70 minutes


Grow Class Sections:

(1) Class Overview
(2) Grow Tent Tour
(3) Equipment + Supplies
(4) Grow Tent Set-up
(5) Climate Rules / Environmental Conditions
(6) Growing Timeline
(7) Seeds VS. Clones
(8) Planting Seeds
(9) Planting Clones
(10) VEG Phase How-to
(11) FLOWER Phase How-to
(12) HARVESTING How-to


Green Carpet Growing’s grow book, grow video, grow classes, and grow coaching help you grow cannabis at home successfully from the beginning. Learn how to grow high quality cannabis from the start with us. 



Marc Eden / Green Carpet Growing Reviews



“Love the video class. Need to watch it again”


“I’ve been a teacher for over 40 years and I’ve been around a lot of teachers who are in command of their subject. Marc is just such a teacher. He is completely in love with and in command of his knowledge which he is fantastic relaying in a patient way. He makes the learning experience so enjoyable.”


“Marc was sold out the weekend my friends were in town and ended up holding a session just for us. It’s a conversational comprehensive workshop in a cozy home setting. Because the class sizes are small he tailored the session for our needs and growing intentions. My friends left with the foundations of growing from seed to eventually harvest and smoke.”


“Marc was sold out the weekend my friends were in town and ended up holding a session just for us. It’s a conversational comprehensive workshop in a cozy home setting. Because the class sizes are small he tailored the session for our needs and growing intentions. My friends left with the foundations of growing from seed to eventually harvest and smoke.”


“I tried watching YouTube videos and reading forums on how to grow, ended up killing 4 plants. I heard good things about Marc’s workshops so I decided to attend. Wow! Does the guy know his stuff. He will educate you on the growing process from A to Z. The environment is friendly, the class is very hands on, and the entire time I felt like I was hanging out with friends. Definitely attend his class if you have any intention of growing cannabis at home.”


“It was my first time taking a class ever and I really enjoyed it. For someone who enjoys to learn. I have a fascination for the marijuana plant especially. Marc was able to go into detail. He is very knowledgeable. He was extremely humble and very patient. I am from Los Angeles and commuted to San Diego and I must say this was an unforgettable experience for me. Definitely, worth the drive. Thank you Marc for being a great human.”


“Marc was very knowledgeable and it was the perfect hands on experience for a first timer. I loved how he was reflecting on the didactic part and adding to it as he went, because there is always something new to learn! He answered questions thoroughly and had the best sense of humor.”


Easily the coolest class I’ve ever taken. And I’ve taken beer making classes.


My first grow went horribly wrong, but I dug and researched online and found Green Carpet Growing. Marc has been a god-send ever since. He quickly began to teach me exactly what I needed and didn’t need for my set-up. Each week he is very positive and encouraging. Hands down when I say he’s the best at explaining things with you and understanding your situation. My first harvest was incredible, thank you, Marc!” 


“Attended a class today. Very much appreciate the way I was welcomed, the spirit of learning and respect for the plants. Enjoyed engaging with the teachers, my fellow classmates, and the plants.”


“I live 300 miles from Green Carpet Growing. Through WhatsApp video chat, Marc gave me consultations that were way beyond my expectations. He covered plant growth cycles and my current status (I am about to start flowering), and we talked about watering, fertilizer and pests. He also gave me a list of 4 pest reduction items I would have never thought of or found. I couldn’t have been more impressed.”


“My experience in the Green Carpet Growing class changed my whole perspective on home growing. I was inspired by marks adaptive techniques which led to me completely reorganizing my grow space.”


“It was fun to do something that my husband loved so much! I am normally uncomfortable around marijuana but seeing the entire plants made it seem so normal and okay. I am glad to have had that experience and am excited to grow my own plants! Marc was wonderful, very knowledgeable, and enthusiastic! I look forward to taking another one of his classes! Thank you Marc!”


“I had an awesome experience at their grow class and enjoyed working with their plants and their personal approach.”


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