Teacher: Marc Emmelmann
Class Length: 2 hours
Location: 92103
Level: Beginner

In part 2 of our Indoor Soil Grow Class, you’ll focus on the FLOWERING stage of growing cannabis, as well as HARVESTING: drying and curing. Because class takes place at an actual home grow, you will tour a home grow, and see and work with your teacher’s personal cannabis plants and growing supplies. Throughout your interactive class, you’ll learn to grow cannabis at home simply and sensibly, with personal instruction. And plan on getting all your questions answered! 

During class we cover when, how and why we transition cannabis plants from VEGETATIVE (VEG) to the FLOWERING phase. Then we go over all the do’s and don’ts, as well as the common challenges new beginners face. How you garden is VEG is different from how you garden in FLOWER. One of the best parts of the class is that you will see plants in different phases of FLOWER. You also get to learn how to properly determine “ripeness” before harvesting, and learn how to dry and store your homegrown product. This is important because if you over-ripen your cannabis, it will surely make you tired and sleepy. So whether you want your cannabis to aid insomnia or not is something to consider prior to harvesting. Have no fear, we will make sure you are prepared to know the difference! 

You will even learn how to increase terpene production during the last week of FLOWERING, and how to maintain the smell of your cannabis during HARVEST time. If you want to grow dynamically fragrant cannabis, the power to do so is yours, but you must follow best practices. Nothing is worse than having an exceptionally loud fragrance of cannabis slowly dissipate as you’re drying and curing. So we make sure you learn precisely how to safeguard against that. 

Each participant will take home the Learn To Grow Cannabis Indoors using Soil, LED Lighting and Grow Tents GROW GUIDE.

This class is limited to 4 people. Sign up today!