Introduction to Outdoor Growing

Teacher: Rick James
Class Length: 90 minutes
Location: 92115 (“College Area” of San Diego) 
Level: Beginner 

Learn about growing cannabis outdoors through personal instruction! Our grow class “Introduction to Outdoor Growing” was designed for beginners who want to learn about growing cannabis outdoors. You can harness the power of the sun and grow in raised beds, plastic or felt pots, or in greenhouses. During class, you’ll learn about standard outdoor growing methods, best practices, organic gardening practices, growing supplies, plant anatomy, feeding techniques, pest control and more. We also cover how to raise seedlings, how to approach the vegetative, flowering and harvesting phases of cannabis cultivation, as well as how to prepare for outdoor home grow challenges. 

Bring your questions, a pen, and an open mind. It’s time to learn outdoor cannabis cultivation and harness the power of the sun. 

This class is limited to 9 people. Sign up today!