Pot Brothers At Law are known for giving the best advice to cannabis consumers in California about how to handle getting pulled over or going through check points. Pot Brothers At Law want to teach you how to stick to your rights. They also share tips like: “keep your hands on the steering wheel” and “have your auto license, insurance, and registration on your car up on your car visor so they can see your hands.” 

The Pot Brothers At Law Famous Script

(printed with permission by @pot_brothers_at_law)

  1. “Why did you pull me over?”
  2. (When they ask questions like where are you going? Where are you coming from? What is that smell?) “I’m not discussing my day.
  3. “Am I being detained or am I free to go?” (If you are being detained, invoke the 5th amendment.) 



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POT BROTHERS AT LAW TIP OF THE DAY- PULL OVER BREAKDOWN, SCRIPT REVIEW #STFUnation™ #stayeducatedandmedicated 😁 ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE #AFTP 👍 Learn THE SCRIPT© and SHUT THE FUCK UP™ (when cops ask questions)👍 @pot_brothers_at_law 💪 ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL TO LAW ENFORCEMENT 855 WASSLAW CATCH US ON @CANNABISTALK101 SIMPLE RADIO APP kociradio.com every Wed 6pm PST 😁 @wasslaw @wasslawdog @joegrande52 @radio_elvis @cannabistalk101 (855) WASSLAW  DISCOUNTED CONSULTATIONS 😁REMEMBER THE SCRIPT© (25 WORDS) ~The Script© “WHY DID YOU PULL ME OVER?” “I’M NOT DISCUSSING MY DAY” “AM I BEING DETAINED OR AM I FREE TO GO®?” If detained you say, “I INVOKE THE 5TH!” Then you SHUT THE FUCK UP™© 2015 Craig & Marc Wasserman all rights reserved #INVOKETHE5TH then #STFU™ PERSONAL IG PAGES @wasslaw @wasslawdog @dabbinglawyer @potbrothersatlaw SNAPCHAT is POTBROTHERATLAW #STFUNATION #WEEDWISE #influencer #tipoftheday  #legalizeit #thewass #potbrothersatlaw #neverconsent #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #shutthefuckup #amibeingdetainedoramifreetogo #imnotdiscussingmyday #whydidyoupullmeover #cannabistalk101 #nevernotworking DISCLAIMER – THIS PAGE OFFERS EDUCATIONAL TIPS & INFORMATION PERTAINING TO CALIFORNIA LAWS AND CONSTITUTIONAL & CIVIL RIGHTS WHEN DEALING WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT

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