The spotlight on CBN oil in the news is growing this 2020. Everyone wants to know what CBN is. Why? People are focused on the cannabinoind CBN to be used as a sleep aide. However, the jury is still out on many CBN related issues, such as whether CBN is non-psychoactive or mildly psychoactive. Besides being known for inducing sleep, CBN is also being looked at for the potential antibacterial properties, pain relief properties and anti-convulsive properties it may have.

CBN (cannabinol) is a cannabinoid that many claim is a superior sleep aide, but experts are still trying to validate and confirm the thousands of anecdotal claims that CBN helps people sleep better. As usual in science, anecdotal claims often lead to double blind studies. CBN is ready and some CBN studies are underway or have been completed.

How does CBN come to be? CBN occurs from the oxygenation and decomposition of THC. That is to say, CBN exists after the breakdown of THC molecules, so when THC degrades over time, it becomes CBN. For example, CBN is commonly found in over-ripened, aged cannabis plants. If you found cannabis stored in a jar in your cupboard for over a year or two, much of the THC will have degraded and turned into CBN. You can use a jewelers scope to examine the trichomes of your cannabis to see if they are milky, cloudy white (THC) or amber, brown, red, orange (CBN.) 

The CBN in CBN Oil for sale is currently made via degradation of THC using proprietary chemistry to create 98% or higher CBN distillate. 


Facts about CBN / CBN Oil:

  • Cannabinol abbreviated is CBN.
  • CBN can be hemp/cannabis extracted/derived.
  • THC that is degraded becomes CBN.
  • CBN Oil is for sale online.
  • CBN is not listed as a controlled substance.



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