If you’re shopping for a reputable seed bank in the USA, Green Carpet Growing has the list you need. 

If you want quality cannabis seed genetics, don’t trust flashy websites with generic information. Instead, look for authentic breeders who are well known in the cannabis community for their hard work and science. We’ve got the best cannabis seed bank recommendations for you.

Who are reputable seed banks in the USA? 

#1 – Humboldt Seed Company (HSC)

Humboldt Seed Company is located in Northern California, and has a long history of providing cannabis genetics to the medical cannabis community before cannabis was legalized for recreational use in 2018. What sets them apart is the quality, the diversity of their product, and the fact that their terpene profile and cannabinoid (THC, CBD, CBG, etc.) percentages are tested and shared freely. This company is most trustworthy and high quality seed bank in the US with regular, feminized, hemp and autoflower seeds available. See the current HSC seed bank menu. They are always putting out new strains each each year, and so it’s an exciting company to follow. This year’s new Raspberry Parfait strain is intriguing, as is Squirt, Hi-Biscus and Freakshow. The CEO of Humboldt Seed Company is Nathaniel Pennington. Their seeds can be easily found at many cannabis shops across California. They range from $10 – $15 a seed.


#2 – Alien Genetics

Alien Genetics (Alien Labs Genetics) have a well known cult like following, but their seeds can be very hard to come by. This company is known to have some of the best genetics in the US and are expensive. Alien Genetics began breeding cannabis in 1999 in Southern Humboldt, and are the famed creators of Starfighter, Fruity Pebble OG, and Alien Rock Candy. If you can find Alien Genetics Seeds, don’t miss out. However, they range from $15 – $25 a seed.


Stay tuned for more reputable seed banks in the US.