Green Carpet Growing | San Diego, CA

Green Carpet Growing was founded in and headquartered in San Diego, California. San Diego provides an ideal climate for year-round cannabis training programs, cannabis camps, and cannabis retreats. Put some cannabis education in your next trip to San Diego with us!


What is unique about growing cannabis at home in San Diego? 

San Diego is a great climate to grow at home indoors and outdoors. The top pests we have seen and heard about from homegrowers in San Diego include: spider mites, gnats, thrips, and caterpillars. Powdery mildew (“pm”) is less likely due to San Diego’s dry climate. However, San Diego is in no way immune to “pm.”  Plenty of people experience powdery mildew growing at home in San Diego.

Most home growers in San Diego rely on clones for sale to grow at home, but there are a rising number of growers preferring to grow with seeds. You can purchase legal cannabis seeds from Humboldt Seed Company in San Diego at a number of dispensaries.

Over the years, many clone companies (nurseries) have had shelf-space at cannabis dispensaries, and now seeds are available at shops too. Many people grow with clones for the “head start” and many people grow from seed to “avoid potential pests” which is a commonly reported issue with clone purchases.

Home growers in San Diego grow with both soil and hydroponically. Many people grow at home in San Diego with grow tents, as well as in dedicated grow rooms, in the backyard, on the patio, outside in the “woods,” as well as in greenhouses.