Trim Bag


Order the one and only trim bag for weed, TrimBag. No more tedious trimming. With the right movements of a trim bag, you’ll be done trimming in minutes, not hours. Order TrimBag from Green Carpet Growing today and get FREE SHIPPING!


The main chamber of the Trimbag holds up to 2 lbs. Dryness and preparation of your product are key factors for your success in dry trimming. We recommend allowing flowers to dry until outer leaves easily flake off. Results may vary depending on strain, dryness, and motions. Some varieties require cutting off excess steams and/or leaves.

How to use Trimbag:

Use the 3 Handle Locations that allow rolling, sweeping, and tumbling of your flowers.

  1. End Cap Handles: for lifting motion
  2. Tension Straps: for spinning motion
  3. End Cap Rim Handles: for side-to-side sifting motion