“Snooze” CBN Oil / CBN with CBD Oil by RISECBD


Snooze CBN Oil was formulated as a sleep aide for people who need helping falling and staying asleep. Snooze CBN Oil is an all natural CBN / CBD oil product that is hemp derived with a MCT-coconut oil base. Each Snooze CBN bottle includes a labeled dropper. Take Snooze CBN oil at bedtime and start with as little as .25 ml. under your tongue. Increase dose as needed. Some customers use .25 ml., while others use 1 ml., or more.

Snooze is a no-THC product.

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Snooze CBN oil was formulated in response to the millions of people suffering from lack of sleep. Snooze is a blend of CBN and CBD oil (200 mg. of CBN and 300 mg. of CBD.) Take this natural sleep elixir within 30 minutes of lights out. Do not take at any other time besides bedtime. Each bottle has a labeled dropper. Shake well and start with .25 ml., dropped under the tongue, and go higher if needed. Your ideal dose depends on your body size and your personal response to plant-based medicine.