Rosetta Stone XX (3 Female Seeds)


INCLUDED: 6 Feminized Photoperiod Marijuana Seeds
FLOWERING TIME: 63 – 70 days
YIELDS: Heavy Yields

Get easy to grow marijuana seeds for new growers and beginner growers at Green Carpet Growing. These Rosetta Stone marijuana seeds are feminized photoperiod seeds, which means they are female seeds and will be 100% female. As photoperiod seeds, you can expect to grow your seedlings in the vegetative phase for as long as you like indoors. Some growers start with marijuana seeds and stay in the vegetative phase for 30-40 days and then change to flower phase. However, other growers stay in vegetative phase for 6 – 8 weeks, and that’s just fine. Then, when you change the light cycle to 12/12, you can initiate the bloom and flower phase. From there, it’s about 65 days of flower phase. You can count your flowering weeks on the day you change to the 12/12 flowering light cycle.


We recommend Rosetta Stone seeds to new growers and beginner growers because it is known to be a vigorous strain that is easy to grow. Our Rosetta Stone seeds come directly from the breeder, Brothers Grimm Seeds. The breeder, MrSoul, created the Rosetta Stone strain that has won a High Times best-of award in 2018. Rosetta Stone will treat you right from seed to smoke.


New growers can be confident growing these stable marijuana seeds. To grow them, start by placing them in a cup of water and leave them in a dark cupboard for 24-48 hours until they sprout tap roots. After that, plant them 1" in the soil, sprinkle soil on top, and only spray (mist) with water. Only mist the topsoil. Don't pour water directly on the freshly planted seed, as that could flush the seed deep down into the pot. Keep the light on 24/7 until you have your seedling.

Sometimes the seed cap might stay attached to the sprouted seedling. In this case, you may ever so gently, assist the seed cap off the leaves. Someone's "soft" touch could still be too rough. Be very careful if you attempt removing the seed cap off. Once you do it, congratulations you've got the magic touch! If you end up crushing the seedling, you'll have learned a valuable lesson: use a softer touch or enlist help from a friend with one.

Don't water your new seedlings too much. Use a spray bottle and keep the top soil moist for the first week or so before giving it a longer application of water, ideally with the use of a pump sprayer.

The last tip about your new marijuana seedlings is to push soil up around the base of the stalk on a regular basis. This gives it more support as it's going to be pretty fragile for a couple weeks.