Indoor Grow Air Purification | AiroClean420 Home Grow Unit


Take air purification to the highest level with the AiroClean420 Home Grow Unit. Each will purify 1,200 cubic feet of air (about 112 square feet).

Hang the AiroClean420 Home Grow Unit in your grow tent or grow room at the same level as your lights, close to the center of your grow. Some maintenance is required including yearly replacement of the proprietary UV lamps and quarterly replacement of fan filters.

3 Year Warranty. SPECS: 120 Volt / 220 Volt; 1 Amp / .5 Amp; 100 Watts; Actual size of unit: 18″ x 17 3/8″ x 5 1/2″.

AiroClean420 Home Grow Unit is an emission free indoor grow air purifier. It prevents and kills mold and fungus like powdery mildew, botrytis, leaf septoria, as well as other plant bacteria and viruses. You can hang AiroClean420 in a grow tent or grow room for cutting edge air purification. Each unit is is sized for up to 1,200 cubic feet / 112 square feet. 

AiroClean420 works by cleaning contaminated air. It continuously processes air through a patented bio-conversion reactor bed within the photocatalytic chamber. This process is called photocatalytic oxidation. Exit air is 99.999987% contaminant free and no ozone is used or produced.

Put a AiroClean420 Home Grow Unit to use in your home grow to prevent mildew and other plant molds. 

Note: The AiroClean420 product purifies and scrubs the air, but does not fix or cure plants with systemic powdery mildew, molds, etc. Start use of AiroClean420 after ensuring your plants or seedlings are free from infection and your grow tent or grow room has been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. It is ideal to use at the start of a fresh cycle, but can be used anytime to assist with air purification.