Beginner DIY Grow Class



In your grow class, you’ll tour Marc Eden’s home grow, and learn how to grow cannabis by clone or seed, with soil, LED lighting and grow tents. If you want to learn to grow with grow tents inside, or set up a grow room, then this class will help you immensely. During your grow class, you’ll learn how to properly plant seeds, plant clones, transplant, prune, lollipop, top, fertilize, and water your plants. You’ll also learn how to prevent problems with pests and disease, how to flip your plants from VEG to FLOWER phase, and how to correctly HARVEST your crop.

Classes are experiential and consultative, so get ready to get your hands dirty and get all your questions answered.

Several gardening activities keep this grow class fun, interactive and hands-on. After taking Marc Eden’s grow class, you’ll leave confident, informed and ready to grow cannabis at home successfully from the very beginning.

BONUS: You’ll also learn how to clone (propagate) cannabis from a “mother” plant to create your own self-sustaining garden.

Each GROW CLASS is limited to 4 people. After purchasing admission to the class, we will contact you immediately to confirm your grow class date. Contact us if you have any questions. You may reschedule, however there are no refunds.

In this private grow class with Marc Eden, you or your group will get custom coaching / home grow consulting, in addition to the official GROW CLASS experience. Come ready to get help planning your home grow. Private individual or private group classes are held Monday through Sunday from 10AM – 3PM.

Grow class fees include:
$900 for 1 person
$1500 for 2 people
$2000 for 3 people
$2500 for 4 people

Contact us if you have any questions or to reserve a private grow class.