Complete Grow Tent Kit with Basic Tent and Viparspectra PAR600 Light


3 x 3 x 6.5 Grow Tent
Rope Ratchets and Carabiners (to hang lights)
1 LED grow glasses
1 Light timer
1 Air Ventilation Fan (Exhaust)
1 Small Oscillating Clip Fan
1 Hygrometer to monitor temperature and humidity
1 pH Testing Kit (w/ tester, pH up, & pH down)
6 Plant Markers
Spiked Soil’s Dirt Martini potting soil for 6 plants
Dry Powder Nutrients for Veg & Flower: 1 bag Another Round & 2 bags Bloom Booze
6 Fabric Pots (4 gallon) w/ 6 plastic saucers

Organic Pest Preventatives:
1 bottle Monterrey’s Bug Buster (OMRI)
1 bottle Monterrey’s Horticultural Oil
1 bag of Gnat Nix
1.5 lb bottle of Captain Jacks Deadbug Garden Dust

2 Spray Bottles
Trimming Scissors
Plant Clippers
6 Mason Jars for Harvested Flower
1 Scope To Assess Trichomes for Ripeness
1 Clear Watering Pitcher
1 Green Watering Can w/ Mister



Indoor Grow Tent Kit with LED

Get started growing with Green Carpet Growing’s complete indoor grow tent kit with LED. Our grow tent kit comes with a quality grow tent that is tested and approved by our team, quality LED lighting from Viparspectra, felt pots, fans, organic nutrients, cannabis soil, supplements and other important cultivation supplies you will need. It has everything a complete indoor grow tent kit should and you can comfortably grow 2 – 8 plants. Most grow tent kits only offer a tent, a light and a fan, but we provide all the other equipment to make your home grow as smooth, enjoyable and successful as possible.