Complete Grow Tent Kit For Soil with LED


  • 3 x 3 x 6.5 Grow Tent for 2 – 6 plants
  • Premium full-spectrum LED Light sized for 3 x 3 core coverage
  • Light timer
  • Air Ventilation Fan
  • Oscillating Clip Fan
  • 1 Pair LED grow glasses
  • PH Testing Kit
  • 2 Rope Ratchets
  • 2 Carabiners
  • 12 Fabric Pots with handles (2 gallon + 5 gallon)
  • 12 Plant Markers (2 gallon + 5 gallon)
  • Hygrometer to monitor temperature and humidity
  • Organic Nutrients for Veg & Flower (1 qt. each)
  • Organic Preventatives: Green Cleaner
  • Organic Supplemental: Plant Molasses (1 qt.) 
  • Trellising Material
  • 2 Feeding Pitchers
  • Measuring Instrument
  • 2 Spray Bottles
  • Pair of Trimming Scissors
  • Pair of Plant Clippers
  • 6 Mason Jars for Harvested Flower
  • Package of Blue Sticky Traps


Indoor Grow Tent Kit with LED

Get started growing with Green Carpet Growing’s complete indoor grow tent kit with quality LED lighting, felt pots, fans, organic nutrients, supplements and other important cultivation supplies. It has everything you need and is a complete indoor grow tent kit made to make it easy for you to grow efficiently and effectively. We’ve curated each item in this kit to help you succeed in growing cannabis indoors. Order today and have your grow kit delivered to your home!

Soil sold separately. Find quality soil for cannabis cultivation from your local grow store, hydroponics store, garden center or nursery. We recommend the brands Roots Organics, Happy Frog and Fox Farms.


About the LED Light:

grow tent kit with LED light
Highest PAR/Lumen output per watt available
5 Year Warranty
HID Replacement 600w HPS
Width 19 in | 48 cm
Length 19 in | 48 cm
Height 3 in | 8 cm
Weight 22 lbs | 10 kg
Max Coverage at 18″ Height 4’x4′
Core Coverage at 18″ Height 3’x3′
LED Quantity 100x3w + 8x10w CREE XM-L2
Lifespan 50,000 – 100,000 hours
12-Band LED Spectrum Included
Secondary LED Focusing Lens 90° + High-dispersion 120°
Warranty 5 Year Complete Warranty
Voltage AC85-260V
Bloom + Boost Power 232 watts
Bloom Power 185 watts
Veg Power 93 watts
Amperage (Bloom + Boost) 2.1A @ 110V / 1.1A @ 220V
Amperage (Veg + Bloom) 1.7A @ 110V / 0.8A @ 220V
Amperage (Veg Switch Only) 0.8A @ 110V / 0.4A @ 220V


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Get started growing with an indoor grow tent kit from Green Carpet Growing and find out how easy it is to have everything you need to grow at home in soil, delivered to your door. Having all the right equipment ahead of time is the best starting point for gardening cannabis plants indoors, so grow with confidence with our grow tent kit. It includes a best-in-class LED light sized perfectly for your tent, a sturdy grow tent, organic nutrients, felt pots with handles, and more. To help you with your yield analysis, remember that with one tent, you can harvest three times a year (every 16 weeks), whereas with two tents, you can have a self-sustaining garden with a mother plant, and harvest every eight weeks. That’s six harvests a year, every other month reaping fresh home grown marijuana!


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