Premium Grow Tent Kit with Gorilla Grow Tent


3 x 3 x 6.5 Gorilla Grow Tent
1 Platinum LED Light for Veg + Flower
LED grow glasses (1)
Light timer (1)
4″ Exhaust Fan (1)
Fan (1)
Hygrometer (1)
pH Testing Kit (1)
2 bags of Dirt Martini potting soil
1 bag of Another Round fertilizer
1 bag of Bloom Booze fertilizer
6 felt pots (1 gallon)
6 felt pots (4 gallon)
1 bottle Monterrey’s Bug Buster O (16 oz.)
1 bottle of Captain Jacks Deadbug Garden Dust ( 1.b lb)
1 bottle of Mosquito/Gnat Bits (30 oz.)
1 bottle of Green Cleaner (2 oz.)
2 pairs of Trimming Scissors
1 Jewelers Scope
2 Mason Jars


Our Best LED Grow Tent Kit

Grow your own cannabis at home with Green Carpet Growing’s best LED grow tent kit consisting of 1 quality Platinum LED and a 3 x 3 Gorilla Grow Tent. Your LED light is sized perfectly for your 3 x 3 tent. This is the best LED grow tent kit for new and existing home-growers, tested and approved by Green Carpet Growing.

Grow with confidence with premium cultivation supplies and equipment. Your Platinum LED light comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.




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