Beginner Grow Class

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Marc Eden’s grow class for beginners is now available on video. This cannabis growing training video is for new growers or anyone struggling to keep their cannabis plants alive. Under Marc’s tutelage, you will get on the fast track to growing cannabis simply and sensibly! If you need a guide for growing cannabis (marijuana, pot, weed) at home easily and successfully, let Marc Eden show you the way. In your grow class, you’ll learn how to grow cannabis year round inside using grow tents, LED lighting, soil (earth) and a few other important supplies. Marc has been teaching this class in his personal home grow for over three years in San Diego, California. Now you can take his grow class from the comfort of your own home. Get ready to learn everything you need to start growing cannabis (marijuana, pot, weed) from start to finish.

Nothing beats personal instruction and quality presentation — so get ready to learn to grow cannabis and and begin your cannabis cultivation journey with cannabis influencer Marc Eden.

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In this grow class training video you’re going to learn how to grow cannabis at home year round using tents, earth (soil), LED lighting, and a few other important supplies. 


Grow Class Sections

  1. Welcome
  2. Class Overview
  3. Grow Tent Tour
  4. Equipment + Supplies
  5. Grow Tent Set-up
  6. Climate Rules / Environmental Conditions
  7. Growing Timeline 
  8. Seeds VS. Clones
  9. Planting Seeds
  10. Planting Clones
  11. VEG Phase How-to
  12. FLOWER Phase How-to
  13. HARVEST Phase How-to 


“The biggest myths out there about home growing is that it is so very hard, overly complicated, and that new beginners must struggle …and ought fail. Trust me, I met these myths and myth-pushers head on when I first started growing cannabis at home. But I persevered, sought several mentors, and proved everyone wrong. You CAN grow at home simply, sensibly and successfully without frustrating complications! With my cannabis cultivation training video and personal instruction, you won’t be struggling, stressed or losing harvests (money), you’ll be relaxed, having fun, and gardening the highest quality home grown cannabis successfully. In fact, home growers rave about the quality of home grown cannabis smoke being far fresher, smoother and more fragrant/tasty than store/street product. Grow cannabis at home and you’ll save money, have better quality product, never run out, and perhaps have a new favorite hobby”  


-Marc Eden, DIY Instructor