Beginner Grow Class Video with Marc Eden

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Marc Eden’s Grow Class Video teaches beginners an easy system to follow to grow quality cannabis at home. In this one-of-a-kind cannabis growing training video, you’ll learn how to grow cannabis (weed, marijuana) indoors using a grow tent, LED light, soil, fertilizer, felt pots, fans, clones as well as seeds, and a few other important growing supplies. Marc Eden’s easy-to-follow guidelines and grow tips will help keep your cannabis cultivation exciting, stress-free and successful. It doesn’t matter if you have previous gardening experience — anyone can learn to grow cannabis with Marc Eden’s practical, personal, and straight-forward approach. Soon as you watch, you’ll be ready to grow cannabis indoors with confidence and you’ll be enjoying every moment of it. Get your cannabis cultivation hobby started with Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class Video and grow kits today!

Grow Class Sections:

(1) Class Overview
(2) Grow Tent Tour
(3) Equipment + Supplies
(4) Grow Tent Set-up
(5) Climate Rules / Environmental Conditions
(6) Growing Timeline
(7) Seeds VS. Clones
(8) Planting Seeds
(9) Planting Clones
(10) VEG Phase How-to
(11) FLOWER Phase How-to
(12) HARVEST Phase How-to


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The entire grow class will be completed by the end of September this 2020. Prior to the entire cannabis training video being completed, it will remain 50% off and you will receive all completed sections via grow class video links with passwords sent to your email address. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us


“The biggest myths out there about home growing is that it is so very hard and overly complicated, and that new beginners must struggle and *ought* fail. Or that ‘it’s so simple, it grows like a weed.’ Trust me, I met these myths and myth-pushers head on when I first started growing cannabis at home. But I persevered, sought several mentors, and failed forward. The truth is you CAN grow at home simply, sensibly and successfully without frustrating complications when you have good guidance from the beginning. With my cannabis cultivation training video / grow class, you won’t be struggling, stressed or losing harvests (money), you’ll be relaxed, having fun, and growing high quality cannabis indoors in no time. In fact, home growers rave about the quality of their home grown cannabis smoke being more potent, fresher, smoother and more fragrant/tasty than legal or traditional market cannabis.”  


-Marc Eden, DIY Instructor