Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class


Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class online teaches an easy system for growing cannabis indoors. In his one-of-a-kind cannabis cultivation training video, you’ll learn how to grow cannabis (medical marijuana) indoors with soil, LED lighting and more. Previous gardening experience or green thumb not required. Soon as you watch, you’ll be ready to grow cannabis with confidence and bliss. Get your new cannabis cultivation hobby started with Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class Video and a grow kit today!

Grow Class Length: Over 70 minutes


Grow Class Sections:

(1) Class Overview
(2) Grow Tent Tour
(3) Equipment + Supplies
(4) Grow Tent Set-up
(5) Climate Rules / Environmental Conditions
(6) Growing Timeline
(7) Seeds VS. Clones
(8) Planting Seeds
(9) Planting Clones
(10) VEG Phase How-to
(11) FLOWER Phase How-to
(12) HARVESTING How-to


Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class will be updated regularly with new video content from his garden and grow tips. Stay tuned!

If you’ve been looking for online cannabis cultivation education for beginners, nothing compares to Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class. With it, you’ll get practical how-to and DIY steps to take control of your cannabis and grow high quality product from the beginning. And year after year. Get started growing today!