(4 x 4) BUDGET GROW TENT KIT with Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED Light



4 x 4 Gorilla Grow LTE Tent (1)
Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED Light (1)
LED grow glasses (1)
Analog Light timer (1)
Exhaust Fan (1)
Pole Fan (1)
Hygrometer (1)
pH Testing Kit (1)
Trim Scissors (1)
Harvest Clippers (1)
Trichome Scope (1)
Organic Fish-Based Liquid Fertilizer
Plant Molasses (1 quart)
6 felt pots (1 gallon)
6 felt pots (5 gallon)
6 rolling plant caddies
1 bottle Trifecta Crop Control (4 fl oz.)
1 bottle Organocide (1 liter)
1 bottle Mosquito Bits
12 mason jars
10-pack Boveda 62% Humidity Packs

PLUS: Marc Eden’s Grow Class Video

Soil not included. We recommend Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil or Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil, as well as Roots Organics Original.



***Gorilla Grow Tent & Mars Hydro Grow Light Manufacturer Warranties Included

4 x 4 Grow Tent Kit with LED

Our complete grow tent kit comes with a 4 x 4 Gorilla Grow Lite Tent and a Spider Farmer SF 2000 which only consumes 200w. It also includes felt pots, fans, a hygrometer, cannabis fertilizer, plant molasses, pest controls, trim scissors, pH kit, a jewelers scope, mason jars and more. Work smarter, not harder, and start growing with a 4 x 4 grow tent kit from Green Carpet Growing!