Cannabis growers become “plant people” and vice versa. 


Cannabis growing people are very much “plant people.” Many new cannabis growers come from the “plant people” world, but on the flip side, first time cannabis growers with no gardening experience often turn to growing other  things once they get used to in-home cannabis cultivation. 

Have you ever met “plant people?” There are giant plant-centric Facebook groups that are dedicated to plant hobbyists and plant lovers around the world. I’m not talking about cannabis, I’m talking about all plants! There are a few common threads among those who take care of plants.

1. They love caring for indoor and outdoor gardens and plants.
2. They are always adding more plants to their collection (even if there’s no room.)
3. They are always experimenting, tinkering, and learning from one another (no one knows it all!)
4. Lots of plant people learn to grow cannabis just for fun because it’s been prohibited for so long. 

Often people who grow up in the city have no experience growing anything whatsoever. Once they start gardening cannabis indoors, they then convert to growing other things like flowers, plants, veges, and fruit. Cannabis cultivation can be a gardening-catalyst in people’s lives, respectively bringing them closer to nature one plant species at a time.