Plant Movers On Wheels 

If you grow at home with felt pots, plant movers on wheels can be very helpful to you and beneficial to the plant. You will be able to easily glide and rotate your plants around with a rolling plant mover. But the most important thing is that it will allow more airflow to hit the bottom of your pot where it needs it most. With a plant mover on wheels, you will give the bottom of your felt pot considerably more airflow. The types of plant movers on wheels featured below will help ensure the bottoms of your pots never get overly wet. 

Not every rolling plant mover is recommend. Some create another flat floor-like surface where airflow doesn’t reach. These metal plant movers are an excellent choice for growers who grow with felt pots.

A 5 gallon felt pot fits on the 12″ plant caddy with wheels, 13″ plant caddy with wheels or 14″ plant caddy with wheels seen here. For a 10 gallon felt pot, the 15″ plant caddy on wheels is recommended. 

Size: 12″ 
Quantity: 1

Size: 13″ 
Quantity: 1

Size: 14″ 
Quantity: 2

Size: 15″ 
Quantity: 6

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