Online Grow Class / Training Video For Beginners



Take our online beginner’s grow class to learn how to grow cannabis indoors simply, sensibly and successfully with Marc Eden. He teaches right from his home grow where he’s taught live interactive classes for over 3 years. This cannabis growing training video is packed with easy to follow demonstrations, best practices, and plenty of practical advice, fun and encouragement for new growers.

Your cannabis growing teacher Marc Eden specializes in teaching new growers how to start growing indoors year round using LED lights, soil, and a few other key supplies which you’ll learn about in class. During class you’ll learn the Green Carpet Growing’s system for home growing. After teaching iterations of his grow class for 3 years in his home, this empowering training video is now available to anyone of legal age. You’ll be gardening at home successfully in no time!

This grow class training video covers: equipment & supplies, set-up, seeds & clones, how to veg, how to flower, and how to harvest. Important plant pest control and plant maintenance skills are taught so that even if you have a black thumb, you’ve got this!