Home growers looking for new strains know it all starts with a seed. Seeds ship and store easily, plus they are inexpensive compared to the alternative live cuttings. If you’re looking for the best new weed strains of 2023 and 2024, then take stock of these fresh marijuana seeds worthy of your attention made by Rick Campanella of Brothers Grimm Seeds. One of the most promising strains of the 2023 year is Ocifer from the Brothers Grimm Seeds marijuana seedbank known for the best feminized seeds and high THC seeds. Ocifer, created by cannabis breeder Rick Campanella, is a cross between Cap Junky x Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone from Brothers Grimm Seeds is a High Times magazine Top 10 strain in 2018, and is known for heavy yields, THCv, medicinal effects, and an invigorating aroma many refer to smelling like a fine men’s cologne. Cap Junky is a strain previously released by cannabis breeder Cap. Cap Junky(Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11)is known for potency and high THC.

Ocifer seeds feminized photoperiod seeds part of the Brothers Grimm Seeds Tester Seed research and development lineup. Tester Seeds, also known as Testers, are seeds still in the research and development phase. Home growers and farmers are invited to grow them out across all environments and send their feedback to Brothers Grimm Seeds. Use the convenient QR code on the back of the seed pack to send your grower feedback like photos and your feeding regime, stress testing techniques, and more. You can find more new 2023 strains like Ocifer and more at the Brothers Grimm Seeds seedbank. Headstorm, Dimension 369, Heka and 222 are the 2023 new strain releases by Brothers Grimm Seeds. Earlier in the year, they also released a new Cinderella Purple strain, Headband 99 strain, and Puck Yes strain.

Grow Fermented or Grapeful weed strains from Romulan Genetics

Grapeful feminized seeds by Romulan Genetics debuted this July 2023. The Grapeful strain is a tribute strain to The Grateful Dead. Besides Grapeful, you may also want to grow Fermented, a very resilient weed strain that is great for beginner growers. Both Fermented and Grapeful have great grape flavor and are indica dominant weed strains. The seed packs of Grapeful and Fermented cost $100 for 6 feminized photoperiod seeds. Ocifer feminized photoperiod seeds and other new weed strains in research and developmet from Brothers Grimm Seeds are just $25 per seed pack. Each pack of Ocifer seeds comes with 9 feminized seeds, which make them a good deal if you need some good but cheap marijuana seeds.


Why grow weed at home besides to save money and producing safe home grown weed? Growing marijuana at home may cause the following side effects for yourself:

  • Joyful Moments
  • Fun
  • Pride
  • Gratitude


Remember, growing marijuana at home is not a competition. Growing weed is an enjoyable journey full of learning, skills development, and creating new exciting experiences. Growing marijuana is about a day-to-day lifestyle of nurturing plants from seed to harvest while learning the ways of weed. And smoking some of the best weed you’ve ever had. The pride of accomplishment is unparalleled.

Enjoy gardening marijuana at home this 2023 and hopefully you’ll get to grow some of the new 2023 – 2024 weed strains that we’ve recommended.

Ocifer strain