If you’re searching for new weed to try this 2022, try the new strains from MrSoul and Brothers Grimm Seeds. Brothers Grimm Seeds is the fabled creator of the Cinderella 99 strain. And recently their Grimm Glue strain is peaking in popularity in the US and Canada. However, this 2022, Brothers’ Grimm Seeds is putting out an impressive new spread of premium strains. They’ve released Pineapple XX, Space Queen XX, and Durban Nights XX this 2022 already. Find them at their online US seed shop. Each seed pack includes at least 9 seeds, but usually you’ll get more than anticipated. 

For those unfamiliar, Brothers Grimm Seeds is known for stable and uniform genetics, no intersex (hermaphrodite) issues, and they have some of the best quality genetics in the marketplace. If you’re looking for new designer genetics and exotics to grow right now, then put Brothers Grimm Seeds at the top of the list. With their cult-like following and their new strain releases this 2022, Brothers Grimm Seeds is going to be in demand for years to come. 

More new strains to grow in 2022 and 2023

Other new strains that MrSoul has introduced this 2022 include his Soul Cookies, Grimm Mints, Grimm Truffles, and Durban Jack. All of these have been released as tester seeds to their customers, including both home growers and commercial growers. Grimm Glue is also a highly recommended new strain to grow this 2022. Of course, what good is the name of a strain, when you don’t have the lineage? Don’t worry, the lineage of these new strains is included below. 

What is Grimm Glue?
Grimm Glue is a cross between Baby Gluey and Cinderella 99.

What is Grimm Truffles?
Grimm Truffles is a cross of White Truffles and Cinderella 99.

What is Soul Cookies?
Soul Cookies is a cross of GSC and Cinderella 99.

What is Grimm Mints?
Grimm Mints is a cross of Kush Mints and Pineapple-Cinderella 99.

What is Durban Jack?
Durban Jack is a cross of Durban Thai and Jack Herer.

Although the Space Queen strain isn’t new per say, but the FEM seed version is. You can learn the fascinating Space Queen strain history below with the bulk cannabis seed breeder himself, MrSoul.


Which new strains are you going to try and grow this 2022?