There is a pervasive myth about cannabis cultivation being so terribly difficult in America. It stems from the  “War on Drugs” scandal in the 70’s during Nixon’s presidency. Is growing cannabis at home easy? Yes and no. Growing cannabis at home is quite easy when you know what you are doing, I can tell you that. And it’s like riding a bike, you never, ever, ever forget how! And it’s the kind of thing you pass down generation to generation. Growing cannabis at home is only hard when you don’t have a good plan and don’t follow best practices.

Guess what! You don’t need any growing experience to learn to grow cannabis at home. Gardening virgins, right this way! Anyone with interest in growing can learn to grow cannabis simply and sensibly with Green Carpet Growing’s help. Baby boomers, young professionals, are you ready to learn? Empty-nesters, what are you waiting for? Trust me, you can do this. I’ve seen all kinds of people learn to grow cannabis indoors for the first time — many small business owners, stay at home moms, nurses, wives of police officers, farmers, medical patients, veterans, students, lawyers, retired couples, a judge, a ranger, athletes, dancers, artists and many more.

But it’s 2019 and still most people believe growing cannabis is not a viable DIY project, but we are helping get the word out — it can be. You can be part of the home grow revolution, too. At least if you follow best practices! 

Growing cannabis, don’t get me wrong, can be hard, but only if you’re shooting from the hip and guessing… that is to say being lazy. And unfortunately, the art of growing cannabis has mostly been lost in modern society. The biggest myth is that “it is very so hard to grow cannabis indoors at home.” Lies! Blasphemy! The truth is growing cannabis can be simple and sensible. 


More myths about growing (cannabis, marijuana, weed) at home:

1. “You need to have gigantic grow room.” 

Wrong. Just wrong. What I tell people is that if you have a room where you can manage the temperature and humidity with good airflow in the room, then you can have a small grow tent and grow quality cannabis yourself. End of story!


2. “You must have lots of (eye-sore) ducting to grow cannabis at home.”

Nope. You may use ducting, but you don’t have to. Ducting is a get-to not a got-to. Yes, ducting may assist with air intake, outake, and odor control, but for many of us, they are unnecessary. (And we don’t miss the eye-sore.) 


3. “It’s illegal to grow cannabis at home in California.” 

Wrong. Prop 215 and Prop 64 allow for people to grow cannabis. Simple.


4. “You can only grow in a basement.” 

This is an odd cannabis myth. No, you do not need a basement to grow cannabis at home. Very silly myth.


5. “The smell. I can’t grow because of the smell. My neighbors will smell it.”

Here’s the truth – you can very easily implement an odor scrubbing filter and fan into your grow tent. Good-bye (beautiful) smell of cannabis!


6. “Cannabis just keeps growing and growing and growing!” 

This myth about growing cannabis makes me laugh every time. Many people don’t know that cannabis, once ripe and harvested, is actually cut down from the stalk and will not regrow. It is a 1x use plant for all intents and purposes when growing for consumption.


7. “It will take you MANY YEARS to learn to grow quality cannabis at home.” 

False. This cannabis myth really irks me and grinds my gears. People actually believe this! Goodness gracious, great buds of fire, I’ve even heard growers perpetuate this myth over to non-growers. I wasn’t sure if they were intently trying to discourage new people from learning to grow or not, but hey, I know it doesn’t take years when have good guidance and support from the beginning as a first-timer.


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