What are the qualifying medical conditions or ailments for a medical marijuana identification card (MMIC) in San Diego?

Below is a list of qualifications for you to receive your medical marijuana ID card in San Diego.


Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), HIV infection
Chronic pain
Persistent muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis
Seizures and Epilepsy
Severe nausea
Back/Neck pain
Panic Attacks
Muscular Dystrophy
Sports Injury
Auto Accidents
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sleep Disorders
Loss of Appetite
Painful Periods
Hepatitis C (in conjunction with anti-viral treatment)
Chronic low back pain
Asthma (treated via vaporizer only, smoking is not recommended)
Parkinson’s disease
Wasting syndrome

If we were you, we would speak a doctor about other acceptable medical conditions that are not listed.

MMIC is a “medical marijuana identification card” in San Diego.

The MMC card is different that a CA Physicians Recommendation. You are not required to attain your MMIC if you have your CA Physicians Recommendation, to benefit from the rulings of Prop 215. You may want to get a card if you need more than 8 ounces of dried cannabis in your home or more than 6 plants in your home, to further protect and substantiate your rights. Additionally, if you live in San Diego, you do not, according to the city of San Diego, need to also get the state-issued medical marijuana program card (MMP).

In San Diego, with your medical marijuana ID card (MMIC) or CA Physicians Recommendation, in accordance with Prop 215, you are able to grow 6 plants and have up to 8 ounces of dried cannabis flower. However, according to a Supreme Court ruling, any patient with a California physician’s recommendation may legally cultivate or possess as much marijuana as they need for their own personal medical use, and no more. This was a historic medical cannabis CA Supreme Court ruling.