Marc Eden, Founder of Green Carpet Growing

Marc Eden is the Founder of Green Carpet Growing based in San Diego, California. The model of his company is fueled by Marc’s passion to make cannabis cultivation as common as apple pie. 

“A grow school will not cut the cake for Green Carpet Growing. That’s because we believe in personal instruction and giving 1 on 1 attention whether it is in person or LIVE through video chat. That’s our specialty and we’re helping 100’s of people to learn to grow cannabis at home! From personal experience, I know most people learn best through personal instruction. Some call it apprenticeship. We offer just that — because we enjoy helping people face to face and helping them efficiently and effectively! Take one of our intimate grow classes, get in-home home grow consulting, or virtual & technical support through video chat with us. Let Green Carpet Growing roll out the green carpet for you — so you and your family can be informed and empowered to grow your own high quality craft cannabis at home!  

Marc is also a writer, hosts a podcast, and is finishing his first cannabis growing book for beginners. He has lived in San Diego, California since 2008, and was born and raised in Vernon, Connecticut.  

Favorite Strains: GG4, Midnight Splendor