Marc Eden’s DIY Cannabis Cultivation Book For Beginners

Learn How To Grow Cannabis Indoors




Section 1 – Get Prepared


Ch. 1: Growing Supplies List

Ch. 2: Three Phases of Growing + Growing Timeline

Ch. 3: Know Your Light Cycles

Ch. 4: Choosing Seeds or Clones

Ch. 5: Know Your Temperature + Humidity Goals

Ch. 6: Get Your Grow Tent

Ch. 7: Get Your Exhaust Fan

Ch. 8: Get Your Pole Fan

Ch. 9: Get Your LED Light

Ch. 10: Get Your Hygrometer

Ch. 11: Get Your Pots + Risers

Ch. 12: Get Your Soil

Ch. 13: Get Your Fertilizer

Ch. 14: Get Your Soil Moisture Meter

Ch. 15. Get Your Trim Scissors + Clippers

Ch. 16. Get Your Pest Control

Ch. 17: Get Your Water + pH Materials



Section 2 – Get Growing


Ch. 18: Seed Planting Instructions

Ch. 19: Clone Planting Instructions

Ch. 20: VEG Phase Instructions

Ch. 21: FLOWER Phase Instructions

Ch. 22: HARVEST Phase Instructions

Ch. 23: BONUS: Upgrade Your Home Grow With Air Purification






This cannabis cultivation book is for beginners or anyone struggling with growing cannabis, who want a simple system to follow so they can be successful. Over the years, I have learned that most new growers just want someone to tell them what do and how to do it. They want practical guidelines to follow, so they can harvest high quality cannabis at home as soon as possible. Is it possible? Yes it is.

Don’t you have to know everything about cannabis cultivation to be successful? No.

Don’t you have to have a degree or study horticulture to grow quality cannabis? Absolutely not.

Anybody can learn to grow and you don’t even need a green thumb.

Let me get this of my chest… don’t be bullshitted out there and believe you can’t grow quality cannabis without several years experience, or that you can’t be successful until you’ve failed many times, or that you need to read every 300+ page resource book on cannabis cultivation.

There are cannabis cultivation books that fall into categories like resource book, troubleshooting guide, hydroponics, etc. However there are few, if any, step-by-step DIY books with a dedicated system for beginners to grow cannabis indoors with just a grow tent, LED lighting, soil, and few other simple growing supplies. That’s what this book is about! I do expect new books geared for beginners to debut over the several years, but my book in 2021 is truly one of a kind. It’s a straight-forward cannabis cultivation how-to book packed with DIY how-to instructions and some nifty grow tips, too.

My cannabis cultivation book teaches you how to grow 1 – 6 plants at home using grow tents, soil and LED lighting. You can grow high quality cannabis and have a simple home grow system, so if you’ve heard otherwise, forget about it.

My goal is to put you on the fast track to growing high quality cannabis at home with ease. You can achieve success the first time your grow cannabis at home, I promise you that. In this book, I’m not going to bog you down with an academic approach or too much horticultural science. It’s a how-to book and I am happy to tell you what to do and how to do it, so that you reap a good harvest. So if you are looking for simple, easy instructions to grow cannabis indoors, rest assured you are at the right place.

One of the biggest reasons people want to grow weed at home is to save money. That’s even what got me involved in the very beginning. It’s extremely cost-effective to grow your own cannabis at home. People who consume cannabis regularly know how expensive quality cannabis costs today. Seeing an 1/8 for $50 – $75 for quality cannabis flower is commonplace at a licensed dispensary. Many people are spending $3,000 – $5,000 or more each year on cannabis flower and products. $5000 a year is about $100 a week and at today’s dispensary (pot shop) prices, that’s only going to get you a 1/4 ounce a week. What if you need a half ounce or ounce or two? It’s too expensive and your choices are to buy cheap cannabis “illegally” AKA from the “traditional market.” Traditional market cannabis is often contaminated with pesticides or powdery mildew, so it’s risky to say the least. Or you can can do it yourself and grow your own cannabis at home. I hope you choose to DIY.

Go ahead and run the numbers. If you’re a regular consumer, you can get a simple home grow started for far less than what you spend on cannabis annually.


Cannabis Growing Myths

Now there are certainly many bad myths about cannabis cultivation floating around out there. The worst is “It will take you many years to get good at growing, you’ll mess up a lot.” I also have heard: “It’s too complex and “It’s too hard” way too many times. I must dispel this myth for beginners. It is not too hard or too complex, when you’re following a good system and have good guidance. The truth about growing cannabis is that it is just not cut and dry. It only becomes hard and complex when you’re being lazy, guessing, or following bad advice. When beginner’s pull growing styles and techniques from several sources and combine them into something custom in their home, it usually doesn’t end well at all. So if you’re going to online growing forums, cannabis cultivation how-to articles, and Youtube videos as a beginner, be forewarned, it can be a disaster. Cherry picking from several growing styles to create your own approach is risky business for new growers.

Another myth is “growing cannabis at home will smell too much.” If you feel the smell is too intense, there is a way to scrub the air of odor in your grow tent using a carbon filter on your exhaust fan. I’ll share more on this grow tip later.

Another myth is “growing cannabis at home is going to take too much time.” False. f you have one 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 grow tent, all you need to do is spend 30 minutes to a couple hours a week depending on how fast or slow you move doing your gardening tasks – to be frank about it. How much time you spend in your home grow also depends on whether or not you’re in early or late VEG phase vs. early or late FLOWER phase.

Another myth is “I don’t have enough space.” Guess what! You can put a grow tent in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, family room, even laundry room. There’s going to be a little noise from the fans, however you can put a grow tent anywhere you can manage the heat and humidity.

Another myth is “growing cannabis requires a complicated set-up with ducting and hydroponic systems.” Just because commercial cannabis farmers choose hydroponics, doesn’t mean you should. Soil gardening is my preference and many soil gardeners like myself find soil-grown cannabis to taste better and hit smoother when grown with organic or organic-based fertilizers that enrich the soil. Have you ever tried comparing the two? If so, I’d like to hear your thoughts on LinkedIn (Marc Eden on LinkedIn) or Instagram (@GreenCarpetGrowing @MarcEden420) or you can even send me an audio message via Anchor HERE.


Cannabis Cultivation is an Art Form

Please hear me loud and clear… I don’t want you to ever forget that growing cannabis is an artform! If you’ve never heard this phrase before, “cannabis cultivation is an art form,” then please spread the good word. The art of cannabis cultivation includes many different styles and techniques. There’s limitless opportunities for you to tinker in the garden for the rest of your life. You can get into cannabis breeding, outdoor growing, hydroponics, greenhouses, vertical gardening, and much more. There are already tens of thousands of cannabis “strains” in the archives and it seems thousands are being added to it each year.

Growing cannabis is absolutely a forever hobby, but you have to start somewhere. That’s where I come in.

I love guiding beginners with a simple, easy, and enjoyable cannabis cultivation system. It is truly mindboggling how complicated some people insist it is. It’s not. You’ll see!

Home growing is a fun and a forever hobby. I hope you’ve already got the itch, the bug, the home grow fever, but if you don’t yet, I bet after reading this cannabis cultivation book, you’ll get it. Any time you spend with your plants, checking on them, or working in the garden, should be enjoyable and relaxing if not therapeutic. If you can’t stand the idea of gardening, then I don’t know what to tell you. Except that I know you could learn to love it. If you’re interested in the end result, superior cannabis product — then you could learn to love growing. In fact, I believe growing cannabis grows on you!

Within my online book version, there are links included to the various growing supplies you’ll need. Please use the links to support my work or order a grow kit from Green Carpet Growing.



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PS: Renters should be aware that landlords can legally prohibit cannabis cultivation in your contract, even in states where home growing is legal. That is the landlord’s right. Also, this is not be to construed as legal advice.

PS: Don’t be surprised if you see your hair, pet hair or some dead fungus gnats on your cannabis flowers at some point. If that sort of thing bothers you, then keep your grow tent and room the tent is in as clean as possible. By the way, you can use tweezers to remove any unwanted foreign matter that you might find on your home grown cannabis flowers.

PPS: I’m also a cannabis podcaster, and encourage you to tune in to learn with me about the cannabis industry, medical cannabis, cannabis law, and of course, cannabis cultivation.



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