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My DIY cannabis cultivation book is for first time growers, as well as beginners and amateurs who struggle with growing cannabis at home successfully from start to finish. It teaches you how to grow 1 – 6 cannabis plants indoors at home by seed and clone, using grow tents, soil, LED lighting, fans, organic fertilizer and a few other simple growing supplies. It is not complicated. Get ready to learn a simple, manageable home grow system that everyday people can learn, even people without a green thumb. So if you’ve been wanting to grow high quality weed at home with ease, you’re at the right spot. 

First things first, don’t listen to the naysayers who insist that growing cannabis is hard, too expensive or overly complicated. They’re wrong! The idea that cannabis cultivation is hard to do is a myth that is unfortunately pushed by professional growers, veteran growers, as well as the masses who have never grown before. Growing cannabis at home is not expensive to do, as myth-pushers often insist. It only gets expensive when you are uneducated about what is actually required for a home grow and get bamboozled into buying expensive lights you didn’t need, and other cultivation products claiming to “increase your yields.”

Veteran and professional growers who perpetuate these myths often have confused large-scale commercial cannabis production with a simple home grow. When you ask them about growing cannabis, their frame of reference is often giant indoor grows, greenhouses, or basements converted to grow rooms. Many of them have never even grown on a small scale at home. So, I forgive them for not understanding how simple it can be. People can absolutely grow high quality cannabis with a simple home grow system. If you’ve heard otherwise, then forget about it!

You also don’t need to read all the cannabis cultivation books that are hundreds of pages long. Most books today about growing cannabis are actually reference books and study guides, not tutorial’s or step-by-step how-to books. 

Over the years while teaching cannabis cultivation to beginners, it became crystal clear that new growers just want someone to tell them what do and how to do it, simply and sensibly. For some, that gets done through face to face personal instruction, and for others this book does the job.

It’s worth repeating: anybody can learn to grow and you don’t even need a green thumb.

But be forewarned. New beginner’s are often tempted to pull from several growing styles and techniques from different sources (online growing forums, how-to articles, books, and Youtube videos) and then combine them into their first home grow efforts. Consequently, they usually end up with disastrous results. Cherry picking from several growing styles to create your own home grow system is risky business for new growers. Instead, stick to one straightforward plan at a time and get some successful harvests under your belt. There’s plenty of time after you do to experiment and tinker in the garden.

Growing cannabis indoors at home doesn’t have to be complicated for beginners. It’s only complicated when new growers don’t prepare at all and shoot from the hip, or over-prepare and basically smother their plants. If you don’t prepare, then the “guess and check” method will leave you stressed out, always wondering if you’re doing the right thing. Plus you’ll end up killing many plants and wasting lot of time and money. On the other hand, if you read 25 articles and watch 25 videos, and then attempt to integrate several cultivation styles and techniques from them into your first home grow, you’ll also likely wind up killing plants and wasting time and money.


Why grow weed at home? 

One of the biggest reasons people want to grow cannabis at home is to save money. That’s what got me started in the very beginning. Can you really save money growing weed at home. Yes if you consume a lot of cannabis, it is extremely cost-effective to grow your own cannabis at home.

Seeing an 1/8 of cannabis flower for $40 – $75 is commonplace at cannabis dispensaries. Smoking two or three 1/8ths a week gets expensive. Many people are spending $3,000 – $5,000 or more each year on cannabis flower and products as a result. If you spend $5000 a year on weed, that’s about $100 a week. At today’s dispensary prices, that only allows for about 1/4 ounce a week.

What if you need a half ounce, ounce or two ounces? It just isn’t economically possible for most people making less than $30K, $40K, $50K depending on where you live and your families needs. Thankfully growing cannabis at home isn’t expensive. To get started growing cannabis at home as a beginner, you’ll spend around $750 – $1500 as your initial up front cost for equipment. Your recurring purchases of fertilizer, pest sprays, and soil afterwards are extremely minimal.

So there you go. Please go ahead and run the numbers. Hands down, if you’re consuming at least a couple 1/8ths of flower a week, then you can get a simple home grow started and sustained for far less than what you would spend on cannabis at a store. Just grow year round indoors, harvest 3 or 4 times, and by golly, enjoy the fruit of your labor. Not only that, if grow with two grow tents, then you can double your yields and increase the number of harvests you’ll get each year.


What about growing cannabis and selling it? 

As cannabis legalization sweeps the world, the most common question I get from new growers is about whether or not they may grow cannabis at home to sell it to their local dispensary. The answer is no, always no, at least in the United States. Commercial cannabis cultivation is highly regulated and only licensed companies are able to grow and sell legally. Home growers can grow for themselves however, and they can give it away to friends and family.

While most of you reading just want to grow at home, there are others who have commercial intentions. If you want to become a professional commercial cannabis cultivation specialist, then I recommend growing cannabis at home first. After a few successful harvests, then you can seek out accredited collegiate cannabis cultivation courses to build up your resume and commercial cultivation knowledge. Please note, just because you can grow cannabis at home does not mean you are ready for a job in cannabis cultivation as a professional grower. It’s a whole lot different growing 6 plants give or take, verses growing 6,000 plants.


More cannabis growing myths:

There are many lame myths about cannabis cultivation floating around out there.

One growing-myth is “growing cannabis at home will smell too much.” If you feel the smell is too intense, there is a way to “scrub the air” of odor using a carbon filter on your exhaust fan. I’ll share more about this situation later on.

Another growing-myth is “growing cannabis at home is going to take too much of your time.” All you need to do is spend 30 minutes to a couple hours a week in your garden, depending on how fast or slow you move. How much time you spend in your home grow also depends on whether or not you’re in VEG phase, vs. FLOWER phase. That’s because you’ll spend more time in your garden during VEG phase doing plant care and plant training. Regardless, it’s very enjoyable to spend time with your plants and growers notoriously can’t wait to get home from work to check on and be with their plants. Gardening is therapeutic in and of itself and it’s not a time-suck by any stretch of the imagination (unless you literally have no time before or after work to do what you need to do in your garden.)

Another growing-myth is “You need a ton of space.” Guess what, you can put a 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 ft. grow tent in your bedroom, spare room, kitchen, living room, family room, or even laundry room. There will be some white noise from the fans, however you can put a grow tent anywhere in your home. The best place is where you can manage the heat and humidity. Rooms without windows are not ideal for home growers.

Another growing-myth is “growing cannabis requires a complicated set-up with ducting and hydroponic systems.” Hydroponic systems are certainly a viable way to grow cannabis, but they are complex and more expensive to set up than a soil grow. Soil gardening is my preference and many soil gardeners like myself find soil-grown cannabis to taste better and hit smoother (as long as you don’t over-fertilize, spray flowers with pest spray, or dry it improperly.)


Cannabis cultivation is an art form

Please hear me loud and clear on this. Cannabis cultivation is an art form. The art of cannabis cultivation includes many different growing styles and techniques. There’s limitless opportunities to tinker in the garden for the rest of your life. For example, there’s outdoor growing, hydroponics, greenhouses, vertical gardening, cannabis plant breeding, and more.

Once you start growing cannabis, it grows on you. Growing cannabis is a forever hobby and art form, but you have to start somewhere. Thank you for starting your DIY journey with me. I’m confident you’re going to be successful. Growing weed indoors at home is a game changer and you’re going to love it! Nothings worse than trying to grow weed without good guidance from the very beginning. Trust me I know. That was me before I got mentored and coached by several long time growers who were frankly hard to find. The culmination of what I’ve learned from other do-it-yourselfers and my experiences growing at home and teaching others to grow, have resulted in this book. Enjoy and spread the word!


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PS: Renters should be aware that landlords can legally prohibit cannabis cultivation in your contract, even in states where home growing is legal. That is the landlord’s right, but this is not be to construed as legal advice as I am not a lawyer.

PS: Don’t be surprised if you see your hair, pet hair or some dead fungus gnats on your cannabis flowers at some point. If that sort of thing bothers you, then keep your environment as clean as possible. You can use tweezers to remove any unwanted foreign matter that you might find on your home grown cannabis flowers. You can even wash your buds at the end of your harvest, which will be explained later in the book.




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