Marc Eden, Cannabis Consultant & Founder of Green Carpet Growing


Marc Eden is the Founder of Green Carpet Growing based in San Diego, California.

“My passion is the DIY lifestyle, craft cannabis and genetics. My specialty is teaching new growers a simple system to grow cannabis at home indoors using grow tents, soil, LED lighting, and quality cannabis genetics. If you start growing and just look online and try seaming together several systems / styles of cultivation after watching Youtube videos and reading cannabis cultivation articles, then you’re likely to have a rocky start with your first, second, and even third attempt. Trust me, I know! I know from my own failures when I first started growing cannabis at home, and I know from all the people who have shared their cannabis growing nightmares with me. This is why I produced my Grow Class Video For Beginners. Growing cannabis at home isn’t easy when you don’t have good guidance or instruction at the beginning. But now that’s not a valid excuse anymore. My grow class gets people growing simply and sensibly and harvesting extremely high quality product in no time! ”  -Marc Eden


Favorite Cannabis Varieties: Midnight Splendor, All Gas OG, Black Jack, Raspberry Parfait, Lemongrass, Blueberry Muffin, GG4