Green Carpet Growing | Los Angeles

Get quality, professional cannabis cultivation training, education, coaching and consulting in LA! 

Grow classes in LA are in session and students will receive a Green Carpet Growing cannabis grow guide to keep. We offer group grow classes as well as private grow classes, and are ready to help you grow confidently and successfully at home. Our grow classes are close to Long Beach, in the Downey neighborhood of Los Angeles. If you live in Long Beach or LA, our activity-based grow classes are second to none because they are held in our teacher’s homes at their home grow. Whether you have a green thumb or not, we believe anyone can and should learn to grow safe, potent, and superior cannabis at home. 

We make it easy for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike to get started growing cannabis / marijuana at home. Shop our grow store for a grow tent kit, take a grow class, and get your home grow started! After your grow class, Green Carpet Growing can support you remotely via Video Chat or with private in-home training and home grow consulting, cannabis cultivation webinars, and advanced grow classes.