Learn to grow cannabis with personal instruction and training.

If you want to learn to grow your own cannabis and marijuana, Green Carpet Growing is a company that will teach you with in-person training at your home, or at our headquarters in San Diego, California. Imagine being with an expert grower in person, learning about everything you need to do it and do it well, and getting all of your questions answered with personalized attention. Sounds excellent, right? Now imagine starting your home grow by only looking at online videos, articles and forums. It is a world of a difference, right?

If you rely on forums, articles and videos, it can take you years of trial and error to become a grow master and streamline your home grow and cannabis cultivation systems. But when you work with an expert from the beginning, it takes drastically less time, and it allows you to actually enjoy the process! Otherwise, you are stressed, struggling, and spending frustrating hours trying to figure everything out alone.


We are a cannabis education company that insists on personal instruction.

With Green Carpet Growing, you get personalized attention, custom training, and direct access to an expert grower who cares about your new endeavor like their own. Why personal instruction? Because it’s more effective, it’s more fun, and we like teaching people.

Personal instruction truly changes lives and makes the world a better place. Of course, each cultivation endeavor is different. You have many cultivation methods, and we can teach you how to grow within each style, and help you choose the style right for you.

Cultivation options include:

  1. Learning to grow cannabis indoors in grow tents
  2. Learning to grow cannabis indoors in grow rooms
  3. Learning to grow cannabis in water: hydroponics and aquaponics
  4. Learning to grow cannabis outdoors
  5. Learning to grow cannabis using greenhouses, including light deprivation

The simplest style of growing is growing indoors with tents. If you are growing inside tents with soil or soil/coco, your cannabis training will be far simpler than learning how to set up a grow-room or greenhouse, or building out a hydroponics or aquaponics system.

You may need help exploring your cultivation options, so feel free to contact us to help identify which training program will be right for you. 

Either way, after just 1 harvest, you will be operating as efficiently and effectively as possible because of our commitment to personal instruction. What about after your in-person training? After your in-person learning experience, Green Carpet Growing also extends live video-coaching for any troubleshooting or consulting you may need. Since we develop long-lasting relationships (and friendships) with our clients, we won’t direct you to an article when you need additional help down the road. Instead, we’ll engage you person to person, or through live video, to give you personalized feedback and support based on exactly what issue or issues you are facing. We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class customer service, so get ready for Green Carpet Growing to “roll out the green carpet” for you!


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Learn to grow cannabis in California.

Green Carpet Growing is based in San Diego, California. If you live outside of San Diego California, you can travel to Green Carpet Growing to learn to grow cannabis with in-person training. Out of townees can also enjoy our San Diego cannabis industry tours, pot shops, beaches, mountains, sprawling villages and more.

Based in California, Green Carpet Growing serves people who want to learn to grow cannabis all over the United States and internationally. Our cultivation educators each have over 25 years experience growing cannabis in California and are motivated to show beginners the way to a successful, economical, DIY home-grow lifestyle. There is no cultivation endeavor too small or big, so whether you need help starting, designing, building, or maintaining your home-grow, Green Carpet Growing can support you with best-in-class education, training, and consulting.

Thankfully, cannabis cultivation is out of the closet in California and you don’t have to rely on training videos or articles anymore. You can now have in-person training and support to make your home-grow successful, fun, and stress-free. Because cannabis cultivation takes around 16 weeks from start to finish, and there’s a wide variety of processes and techniques to learn, nothing compares to personal instruction. As we like to say, “Let’s grow right the first time and ensure your investment is paid off after 1 or 2 harvests.”

We teach people to learn to grow cannabis successfully, side-stepping the learning curves typically associated with cultivation efforts that are based on something you read or saw online. You save a great deal of time, money and effort by getting expert training to catapult your home-grow endeavor. With our help, you’ll find out exactly what cultivation method is going to be right for your endeavor, which equipment to buy (and not buy), how to set-up and build-out your home-grow, and how to maintain your project for successful harvests.

Whether you want to learn to grow marijuana indoors with soil or hydroponics, or outdoors in greenhouses, we can get you started and trained to ensure your cultivation is fun, stress-free and effective. We offer personalized cultivation training programs that are as short as 1 day and as long as 4 weeks, depending on the scope of your project and your desire to learn. With cultivation indoors, you have a couple options: growing in grow-tents and growing in dedicated grow rooms. When growing outdoors, Greenhouses are the most popular form of cultivation. Depending on your goals and vision, Green Carpet Growing will meet you where you are at.

If you don’t have someone teaching you in person, it can be very difficult and confusing to learn by only watching videos or reading cultivation articles online. Even forums online about growing cannabis can be extremely misleading and argumentative, which is not what you want. In fact, most online forums are full of inexperienced amateurs with limited experience. You can lessen your risk to failed harvests and frustrating days and week by working with Green Carpet Growing’s expert teachers and trainers.


Learn to grow cannabis the right way, the first time!

Green Carpet Growing offers cannabis cultivation training for beginners and amateur growers by providing more than just lectures, but hands-on experiences that cater to each individual learner. Our teachers and trainers are professional, friendly and kind, as well as experienced in designing and setting up grow rooms, utilizing grow tents and hydroponics, as well as growing outdoors. Whether you want to learn to grow cannabis in tents, greenhouses, soil, soil/coco, or via hydro, our grow consultants get you on the right track efficiently and effectively. If you tell us that you want training to grow in tents, we’ll meet that need. If you prefer to set up a grow room in your house, we’ll help you explore your options, and even provide purchasing advisory so that you acquire industry tested equipment and supplies. “Quality equipment for quality cannabis” is also one of our favorite mantras. We’ll never point you to untested or cheap home-grow equipment.

The best case scenario for anyone growing cannabis for the first time is to have personal instruction. If you want to start your cultivation off with excellence and ensure your home grow is set up properly and that your systems are following best-practices, hiring a teacher and trainer is the best route. Nothing replaces having in-person training and an expert guide you through the various stages of cultivation. After you’ve invested your money and time into getting your home-grow started, you certainly don’t want to ruin your harvest by taking risks over 4 months of cultivation because you’re unsure of best practices.

Because each person has a different home-grow in mind, we create custom learning experiences to meet your needs. You may want to go through a few days or a few weeks of training — depending on the type of home grow you have in mind. If you aren’t sure, we’ll help you explore all of your cultivation options and give you the opportunity to consult with experts to plan your perfect home grow. From grow tents to grow rooms, to hydroponic systems, greenhouse cultivation, light depo and more, Green Carpet Growing will teach you to get it right from the beginning.

We know that online training videos and articles don’t give you the best opportunity to learn, and that is why Green Carpet Growing started. Our goal is to make your home grow endeavor effective, efficient, stress-free and fun. To do so, in-person consulting is the key. Our model of experiential in-person training and hands-on instruction is the best possible way to empower you to grow marijuana at home successfully. Nothing compares to in-person training and having that access to an expert grower who cares about your endeavor like their own. You will save time, money, and headaches by getting quality in-person training and consulting.

Make your investment into cultivation bring you an incredible return on your investment by getting expert training and support today!