Chapter 1

Growing Supplies

Before you start growing cannabis at home, you need growing supplies. Learn about them, and get them before you get clones (baby plants) or sprout seedlings.

When you’re proactive and prepared, the odds are always in your favor. So gather your cannabis growing supplies ahead of time, or else you could end up scrambling around when it is not convenient.

If you see something below you’re unfamiliar with, don’t worry. Explanations of all the growing supplies are coming up in chapters ahead. You’ll also see product recommendations and links, so you can purchase your growing supplies quickly and easily.



Here’s your list of growing supplies:


● Grow Tent  (a contained space for your home grow)

● LED Grow Light  (to grow your plants and flowers

● Light Timer  (to automate the 18/6 and 12/12 light schedules)

● Exhaust Fan  (to keep air moving and heat regulated)

● Clip-on Fan  (to provide a gentle breeze to the plants)

Hygrometer  (to monitor humidity and temperature)

● Plastic or Felt Pots  (mediums for plants)

Potting Soil  (it allows roots to grow and feeds the plants)

Soil Moisture Reader  (a gauge showing when to water)

Rolling Plant Risers  (to allow airflow to the bottoms of pots)

Organic Fertilizer  (to feed the soil, to feed the plant)

● Trim Scissors  (to cut away branches and leaves)

● Clippers / Loppers  (to cut down the plant at the end)

Watering Pitcher  (to water the soil)

● Pest Control Products  (to protect plants from pests and disease)

● Water  (tap or bottled water in most cases is good)

● pH Materials  (to keep you water at the ideal pH)

Jewelry Loupe  (to monitor trichome colors at the end)

Mason Jars  (to cure and store your flowers)

Boveda 63% Humidity Packs  (to prevent flowers from drying out in storage)


You also will need access to electrical outlets. Please note, you do not need ducting or netting in your set-up. However, some home growers do put their grow tent next to a window and use ducting to exhaust air outside. This practice is OK, sure, but it is not necessary. To be clear, you don’t have to use ducting, or exhaust air outside the window.

If you’re a new grower and you’ve heard of using netting in your grow tent, then do yourself a favor and don’t use netting yet. I do not recommend new growers use netting, because if you get spider mites, thrips, aphids, scale or powdery mildew, it will be extremely challenging to untangle your plants which have been woven into netting. Especially when it’s in the back of the grow tent, which is where most pest infestations first manifest it would seem. However, after a few harvests when you’ve confirmed you don’t have issues with pests or disease in your home grow, then feel free to experiment and use netting confidently.

Some of the recommended growing supplies are recurring purchases. The recurring purchases from this list will be your potting soil, fertilizer, pots, soil moisture readers, pest control products, and pH test solution. However, you can reuse your soil if you continue to nurture it. You’ll learn how to do that later.

Over the years, you are likely to purchase a new clip-on fan, hygrometer, and trimming scissors, etc., as these items eventually break or get worn out. Every 2-5 years, you are likely to purchase a new grow light simply in order to stay up to date with new LED technology. But you don’t have to. Bear in mind, LED lights do not last forever, and they will eventually burn out.


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