Many people are looking for a way to work in the cannabis industry. While it isn’t easy to get a job in cannabusiness, there are a growing number of cannabusiness jobs. Even if you are new to the cannabis industry, you can find a way to transition to it with relevant experience in other industries. This applies to cannabusiness executive jobs, accounting jobs, people facing jobs, desk jobs, sales jobs, and even cultivation jobs.

As a prospective employee, the more you know about cannabis products, cannabis cultivation, working in cannabis, and cannabis science — the better. Already there are several cannabis job readiness programs available, as well as cannabis certifications and education programs to involve yourself in as a job seeker. Be proactive, and if you can not afford to do them, don’t give up. Search for cheaper or free educational resources instead.

In the cannabis industry, there are many terms and phrases to be aware of it. This is especially true for product types and job titles. For example, do not call a “budtender” anything else besides “budtender. They are not a cashier, a retail associate, a customer service representative or anything else. I once saw someone naively inquire about a job at a dispensary with a dispensary owner.  They asked if they were hiring cashiers. The owner furrowed their brow, bit their lip, and said with a grimacing face, “do you mean budtender?” This job seeker was polite and very well dressed, but their use of the word “cashier” was a deal breaker. If this story didn’t resonate with you, just imagine someone asking a bar owner if they are hiring cashiers while pointing to the bartender. Oopsie!

Jobs in Cannabusiness

My favorite job board for jobs in cannabusiness has to be the website. It has a clean, organized appearance, and is very user-friendly. Check out temporary and full time jobs in cannabusiness at first.

If you don’t see what you are hoping, then try Linkedin for jobs in cannabusiness. That’s right, Linkedin is packed with jobs in the cannabis industry. Linkedin has been the only social media platform that respects the cannabis industry. Having a profile built out is highly recommended. There’s no excuse to not have a Linkedin profile this day and age.

Between these two online cannabis job boards, you’ll find up to date job opportunities in cannabis. If all else fails, visit the cannabis company you’d like to be hired by and ask to speak with the owner, manager, etc. Don’t forget to smile and be ready to sell yourself on the spot. Passionate people have an advantage, so always remember you’re competing with passionate people. Passionate people love the jobs they land and tend to thrive in them for many years. Passionate people are long term workers who don’t get drained doing their job. On the contrary, their work enlivens them. Unlock your passion by doing jobs you’re good at, and by doing jobs that truly interest you.

It takes some people a few weeks to land a job in cannabis. For others it takes years. Just remember, the grass is always greener on the other side. If you’re struggling to break into the cannabis industry, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t settle, don’t give up, and don’t forget — the best time to find a new job is when you already have one. So if you can’t land a cannabusiness job, get another job in the meantime, and then continue your quest for the perfect cannabusiness job.