Is there a 420 lounge in San Diego? So far, no, there are no legal 420 lounges or cannabis cafes. San Diego has not yet legalized a cannabis consumption 420 lounge, also known as cannabis cafes. If you want to see 420 lounges and cannabis cafe’s in San Diego, contact your city council member immediately. You can also get involved in cannabis reform and advocacy through Americans for Safe Access and NORML. 

Many other cities are allowing cannabis cafes and 420 lounges including San Francisco, West Hollywood (LA), Palm Springs and all over Denver. It’s just a matter of time until San Diego swoops in to approve them and get involved due to so much money being left on the table.

What’s the hold up? When you think about bars and drunk driving, it’s incredulous politicians are not in support of peaceful 420 lounges and cannabis cafes. Are they afraid of being proven wrong when it comes to their prohibitionist mindset? When you really stop and think about it, everyone knows cannabis consumers are far more in control of their behavior than someone who has been drinking. Alcohol consumption vs cannabis consumption — we’re talking apples and oranges, night and day.  We know who is on the right side of history on this one, and reckon you do too.  


We can’t wait until San Diego green lights 420 lounges and cannabis cafes! It will benefit the San Diego community, San Diego tourism, as well as equity-applicants who seek to be part of the cannabis industry.


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