Home Grower Question: Is growing cannabis for the first time easy? 

Answer: Growing and harvesting quality cannabis can be easy, even for first-timers, if one follows best practices and is prepared. However, without good guidance or proper preparations, growing cannabis is hard for most people. Even if you have a “green thumb,” you may not know exactly how to determine when cannabis is ripe to harvest, how to cure it, or even how to go from “Veg” to “Flower.”  Getting prepared is crucial if you want to keep things simple and easy on yourself while growing cannabis at home. Just like everything else in life, growing cannabis is a project, and you get what you put in. Can it be easy? Yes it can. Can it be hard? Yes, but it doesn’t have to be.


Growing cannabis is actually like riding a bike. Once you learn, it’s easy, and you’ve learned it for life!

If you are looking for the easiest method to grow high quality cannabis, start by growing cannabis in organic soil using felt pots in a grow tent with LED lighting. You may prefer to start with a hydroponics system, but for the person who wants to keep their home grow as simple and easy as possible, we recommend growing in soil.

The easiest method to grow cannabis is soil growing.

Easy is a subjective term, but the point is this: growing cannabis at home can be a pure delight when you know exactly what you are doing. Or a constant struggle if you don’t know what you are doing. Green Carpet Growing prevents “the struggle” offering education and even personal instruction so that you can learn to grow successfully at home.

If you want to grow cannabis at home and you want it to be simple and easy, then we recommend getting a good education beforehand. This way, you’ll get it right the first time, and truly enjoy the home grow process. You’re in great hands since Green Carpet Growing specializes in making cannabis cultivation easy, effective and efficient.

Remember — you’ll be gardening for 3-4 months for a complete cycle, so be patient, and be prepared. To get prepared, take a grow class, hire us for personal instruction, attend a cannabis camp, or download our training videos.



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