Marc Eden interviews California’s Lauren Vázquez, “The Fired Up Lawyer,” who has served as a Senior Advisor and Statewide Organizer for California’s Prop 64 campaign and has been practicing cannabis business law since 2009. Come take a dive into 2021 cannabis in California with a veteran California cannabis attorney. From Prop 215 to SB420, and Prop 64 — Lauren Vázquez sets the record straight on what’s what and how people can get involved. For instance, can a small scale home grower still create a Collective in California to legally grow for others? What about medical recommendations from doctors? Can I be a caregiver in California and grow for friends? Are growers licenses from doctors legitimate in California? What official cannabis licensing opportunities are available in California? Is California banning smokable hemp? What is the California Bureau of Cannabis Control? Can a landlord prohibit a renter from growing cannabis indoors? Tune in now to learn and get up to speed on cannabis evolution in California this 2021.