Marc Eden interviews California’s Matthew Gates, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist who runs his own IPM consultancy and serves on the board of the Cannabis Horticultural Association. If anyone knows about the ever-expanding world cannabis, pests and disease prevention, control, and research — it’s Matthew Gates of Zenthanol IPM Consulting. Tune in to find out if any “cannabis bro-science” can withstand Matthew Gate’s open-minded yet objective scientific analysis. Covered issues include: powdery mildew and whether it is systemic or not, whether 48 hours of darkness at harvest time actually increases THC %, as well as whether fertilizer or molasses changes the taste of the cannabis flower when smoked. That’s not all. Matt also addresses the claim that Miracle Grow is bad for cannabis, and speaks to whether scratching, cutting or poking nails in flowering cannabis plants will increase potency. And much more!