Cannabis Pest Control for Home Growers

In commercial cannabis, farms have IPM plans. IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. Home growers on the other hand, typically call it pest control. Nevertheless, preventing and controlling bugs and diseases is a large part of growing cannabis successfully at home. We recommend you start your home grow off with biological pest control and order predatory mites for spider mites like californicus, percimillis, and andersoni. Many growers order ladybugs to keep aphids at bay. You might also order beneficial nematodes, or the spider mite destroyer, stethorus punctillum. Additional products to use in your pest control regimen are listed below. 

Spider Mites 

Spider Mites are one of the worst cannabis pests to deal with. An infestation will quickly ruin your crop (see spider mite webbing below.) Don’t worry, spider mite infestations don’t occur overnight, so as long as you apply preventatives regularly, you will avoid these awful pests. If you see just a few spider mites, do not ignore your problem. You need to look under cannabis leaves with a jewelers scope to inspect for mites or eggs. Depending on your eyesight, you might see them crawling without a scope, but most people do need the magnification of a jewelers scope to see them. Regrettably, there are many varieties of spider mites and they can build resistances to your pest control products. To stay on top of spider mite prevention, it’s important to alternate pest control products like Bug Buster O and Green Cleaner.

Powdery Mildew (PM)  

Powdery Mildew (PM) is a very common home grow challenge whether you grow cannabis indoors or outdoors.PM is very easy to spot. You’ll see a fuzzy white film coating on the leaf. Remove infected leafs as soon as possible and treat your plants with Serenade or Green Cleaner. PM shows up first on lower leafs, but always inspect the entire plant, starting from the bottom up as a rule of thumb. You are more likely to find traces of PM towards the bottom of the plant. 

Septoria Leaf Spot

Septoria Leaf Spot is a common home grow challenge whether you grow cannabis indoors or outdoors. It’s a fungus that shows up during humid conditions and warm rainy seasons. You’ll be able to see yellow, brown and black discolorations. Remove infected leafs as soon as possible and treat your plants with Serenade Fungicide and a hydrogen peroxide foliage spray, as well as a hydrogen peroxide 1:1 root drench. You can also treat plants with other fungicide foliar sprays that contain other ingredients like with sulfur, essential oils, neem oil, etc.

Keep your humidity down to prevent Septoria, and practice prevention with Serenade

Fungus Gnats (Gnats)

Fungus Gnats are a frustrating cannabis pest to control. Fungus Gnats are a nuisance and they can eat your plant’s roots, replicate extremely quickly, and ultimately hinder your plant’s health and yield. Because they thrive in wet, moist conditions, pay careful attention to let your soil dry out completely if you’re battling fungus gnats. To prevent fungus gnats from breeding, do not over-water. You should also alternate applications of Mosquito Bits (ingredient: BTI), Captain Jack’s Deadbug Garden Dust (ingredient: spinosad) and do a hydrogen 1:1 root drench if there’s an infestation. You can also utilize and release predatory mites and beneficial nematodes

Pest Control for Home Growers

Green Carpet Growing helps home growers prevent and control cannabis pests and diseases with safe pest control products. Dealing with pests in cannabis is frustrating and expensive, but you don’t have to do it alone with Green Carpet Growing. Contact us for on-site consulting, video chat appointments, and more. We take pest and disease control for cannabis seriously, and so should you!