This 2019, cannabis seeds from Humboldt Seed Company include a variety of new varieties as well as classic strains.

The high-CBD strain this year to grow is Willy G’s Lebanese. Some high-THC strains like Bigfoot Glue, Pineapple Trainwreck, and Asphalt Plant have some low-CBD content. Not all strains have CBD, but the cannabis seed catalog from Humboldt Seed Company 2019 will show you each one that does.

New seeds this 2019 from Humboldt Seed Company include Very Cherry, Lemongrass, Magic Melon, Vanilla Frosting and Banana Mango. But that’s not all. View the seed catalog to see all the new 2019 strains.

Legendary popular cannabis seeds like Trainwreck, Don Carlos, Jack Herer, Fire OG, OG Kush, and Dream Queen are still available, as expected. We’d love to add Blueberry Muffin (pictured) to this list, a very popular cannabis strain in southern California. Many areas of the world are still unfamiliar with it however. 

There’s a popular genre of cannabis lovingly referred to as “skinny weed,” and this cannabis decreases or suppresses your appetite. No munchies! Humboldt Seed Company’s Royal Kush and Appricot Papaya are known for this. 

Before you view the seed catalog, contact us if you’d like to write a guest article about any of the strains you’ve grown from Humboldt Seed Company cannabis seeds.



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