Question: How do I prevent powdery mildew in my home grow with cannabis plants? 

Answer: There are many ways to approach preventing powdery mildew in your indoor garden. Controlling humidity, using foliage sprays, and keeping your grow environment clean are ideas that typically come to mind first to home growers. Then there’s PCO air purification. Few home growers are aware of PCO air purification. With PCO air purification you can kill airborne powdery mildew safely without the use of filters catching contaminants. If you want to prevent powdery mildew, AiroClean420 has what you need to destroy PM on a subatomic level.

AiroClean420 is the leader in air purification systems within the indoor commercial cannabis and they use PCO air purification, which is emission and ozone free technology. It does not use a filter to capture contaminants, rather it destroys powdery mildew spores on a subatomic level.


Learn about AiroClean420 and get ready to prevent powdery mildew like the professionals do.