Learn how to grow marijuana
with professional personal instruction in your home.


If you want to learn how to grow marijuana, nothing is better than learning through private instruction. Green Carpet Growing offers that experience to learners around the world through in-person training and instruction, as well as through video (Google Hangout, Whatsapp, or Skype.) Learning from experts through face-to-face communication and interactive engagement is far better than watching videos or articles online about growing marijuana. That’s why Green Carpet Growing started the first company in the United States dedicated to personal instruction and training. We don’t send you to online classes, articles, and forums – we consult you face-to-face in person or through video.

If your aim is to grow high quality, medicinal grade cannabis, our commitment to you is to provide kind, caring and professional cultivation coaching, education and consulting so you reach your goals on your first try. We see many first time cannabis gardeners struggle through the process, and nothing brings us more joy than by guiding them to successful cultivation practices and a lifetime of trichome-laden homegrown stash.

We teach individuals how to grow marijuana…

By hiring Green Carpet Growing to help you learn to grow at home, you’ll avoid painstaking hours of not knowing if you’re following best practices and gardening correctly. We are here to look at your plants with you, answer your questions, troubleshoot with you, model proper techniques and best practices, as well as provide personalized and meaningful feedback to improve your cannabis gardening skills.

Why learn to grow marijuana at home? Many people desiring to learn to grow marijuana are already spending $60 – $100 a week on legal cannabis from legal pot-shops in California, and around the world. That means they spend around $4k – $5k a year on cannabis. To improve your life in this regard, we recommend growing your own! Of course, there are many reasons people grow marijuana at home, but saving money and being cost-effective are among the most popular.

Hire us for personal training and consulting to learn how to grow marijuana in any medium.


1. Join a Training Program:

We put together custom Training Programs to aid your marijuana cultivation education as best as possible. This means we are first learning about your expectations and goals prior to our tailoring a training program experience to perfectly meet your needs. Whether you want to grow in greenhouses, tents, or grow rooms, these things must be taken into account, as well as your availability and budget. We offer Training Programs that typically last a few to several days. No matter what you need to learn — we can meet those needs and empower you personally. Besides providing hands-on marijuana cultivation training and education, we offer strategic consulting during Training Programs to support your personal grow room design and strategy, cultivation systems strategy, set-ups, build-outs, equipment purchasing, and more. Training Programs may take place at various locations, including your own home if applicable.

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2. Hire Us As Needed:

  • $85 hr. Grow Tent Garden Consulting / Training
  • $150 hr. Hydroponics Consulting / Training
  • $150 hr. Outdoor Cultivation Consulting / Training
  • $150 hr. Grow Room Design & Set-Up / Build-Out
  • $150 hr. Private Grow Classes


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