Learn how to grow marijuana
with professional cultivation training.

Green Carpet Growing trains you in your home so you can experience the joy of growing cannabis properly and successfully! Our consultants can help you purchase proper supplies and equipment for any cultivation project, as well as provide customized grow guides, feeding charts, and assist you with all aspects of getting set up. You can hire us by the hour ($150 hr.) or if¬†you prefer a PACKAGE that includes 15 weeks of training, all the equipment and supplies you’ll need, a custom grow guide and other perks, view our Intro Package and Grow Master Packages below.

With our INTRO PACKAGE, you’ll go from start to harvest in 15 weeks, and learn all the vital steps and techniques of growing high-grade cannabis indoors. The INTRO PACKAGE is best suited for new or amateur growers who want to learn quality cannabis cultivation at home. Or, if you’ve struggled growing at home, this is for you!


1 . Quality Grow Tent
2 . Lighting, Equipment, Nutrients, etc.
3 . 1:1 Training/Coaching
4 . Tent + Grow Build Out
5 . Strain Consulting
6 . 15 On-Site Visits
7 . 15-Week Grow System Cycle
8 . Learn proper harvesting

The Grow-Master Package provides you an indoor grow system featuring a vegetation and flowering industry-quality tent, mother-plant maintenance, as well as techniques such as: seeding, cloning, self-sustaining gardening practices, lollipopping, super-cropping, bonsai, staking, trellising, as well as carbon dioxide utilization, genetics, crossing strains & breeding, and expansive nutrient systems.


1 . TWO Quality Grow Tents
2 . Lighting, Equipment, Nutrients, etc.
3 . Advanced 1:1 Training/Coaching
4 . Tents + Grow Build Out
5 . Strain Consulting
6 . 17 On-Site Visits
7 . 15-Weeks Until 1st Harvest
8 . 8-Week Continuous Flowering Cycles
9 . Learn Proper Harvesting

Our custom offerings are designed to serve commercial cannabis ventures, cannabis enthusiasts, new-to-San Diego cannabis gardeners, and those in need of troubleshooting, education, or emergency consulting services. Our INTRO & GROW MASTER KITS are available a-la-carte, so that experienced growers can acquire industry quality equipment hassle-free.


1 . Hydroponic Grow Systems
2 . Genetics and Breeding
3 . Green House, Hoop House, Outdoor Gardening
4 . Bonsai, Super-Cropping, Lollipopping
5 . Multi-Layer Trellis and Staking
6 . Drip Systems Designs
7 . PSI Education
8 . Build-outs: Custom Grow Designs
9 . CBD Consulting
10 . Workshops
11 . Extraction, Rendering, Decarbination
12 . Vertical Gardening
13 . Tent / Room Maintenance
14 . Speaking Engagements