Do you prepare your weed to smoke with your fingers or a grinder? I recommend you use a grinder for a number of reasons. However, avoid plastic grinders because they don’t work well. Let me put it this way: plastic grinders are worthless. Metal weed grinders are the only way to go. The most common weed grinder sizes are between 2″ and 4″ inches. A grinder has at least two pieces that screw together, but sometimes they have more. Grinders will have more than two pieces when they have a special chamber or two, to catch the smallest, finest pieces of cannabis known as “kief.” Kief is full of cannabinoids and terpenes, so it is greatly desirable. Wouldn’t you rather capture it, then get it all over your fingers?

As with all products, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap metal grinder, it will not be the best quality or last forever. Cheap metal or aluminum grinders are available for $5 – $10. On the other hand, you can get a high quality one that will look and work great for $15 – $30. I’ve curated some of the best weed grinders for you below.

But first let’s talk about grinders vs. fingers for breaking up weed. Grinders grind up weed. As a result, you will have ground up weed when you use a grinder. Your fingers however, do not grind up weed. Fingers break weed apart into tiny pieces. As a result, you will have broken up weed, not ground up weed. There’s a big difference between the consistency of flower after it has been ground up vs. broken up.

Why are grinders better than using your fingers?


Grinders allow you to keep your fingers and hands clean. Say good-bye to sticky fingers when you use a grinder.

Grinders allow you to achieve an even spread of finely ground weed. This consistently ground up weed will burn perfectly in your bowl, joint or blunt (as long as it isn’t moist or wet from not being thoroughly dried.)

When you use your fingers to break up weed, you inevitably get a spread of disproportionately sized pieces of broken up weed that results in irregular burning. So if you have a joint or blunt, then they’ll boat on you because of that reason.

When you use just your fingers to break up your weed, you are getting so much of the plant’s magic (trichomes with cannabinoids and terpenes) all over your fingers. Instead, use a metal weed grinder and keep all that magic on your weed, or collected in one of the grinders traps.

Lastly, grinders get the job done quickly. A few twists and turns of the grinder, and you’re done. When you use your fingers, it is a time consuming process. Who has time for that? 

There you have it. Grinders are the best way to go. 


While it can be hard to change from fingers to grinder, if you’re aware of the benefits, hopefully it is easier for you to make the switch.



Don’t break up weed with your fingers. Use a grinder!


“Using a plastic grinder to grind up weed is like cooking a fine meal with utensils from your kids toy kitchen set. Dispensaries, please stop giving away free plastic weed grinders.” – Marc Eden