Many are wondering, “how many plants can I grow,” or “how many cannabis plants can I grow in San Diego?”

Because Green Carpet Growing teaches people to grow cannabis plants at home, this is a common question we encounter frequently. Here’s what we know: With Prop 64, all Californians, including those in San Diego, may grow 6 cannabis plants per parcel of land. Prop 215 however applies to those with a valid medical marijuana recommendation. Medical card holders may grow as much cannabis necessary according to their needs. Additionally, Prop 64 does not negate Prop 215, and recreational cannabis is for individuals over the age of 21 and medical marijuana is available for individuals over the age of 18 with a medical marijuana card.

Let’s review cannabis plant count numbers in San Diego.

Prop 64: Recreational Marijuana Cultivation Rights

Under Prop. 64, anyone in California, including San Diego, may grow 6 plants per parcel of land. This means that if you live alone OR with a few people, there should only be 6 plants on the premise. (NOTE: It is NOT 6 per person, it is 6 per parcel of land.) With your homegrown cannabis, you are able to use it personally or gift it to your friends and family.

Prop 215: Medical Marijuana Patients Cultivation Rights

Under Prop. 215, medical marijuana patients with MMJ cards are entitled to grow and cultivate whatever amount of marijuana is necessary for their personal medical use. In order to be considered a MMJ patient, you must obtain a valid doctor’s recommendation from a California licensed physician.

Another common question is, “is growing cannabis outdoors in San Diego legal?”

Each local jurisdiction in San Diego has their own ruling on this issue of legality and growing outdoors. The only locations you may grow cannabis outdoors in San Diego are: Chula Vista, Unincorporated (San Diego County) and in Oceanside. For the most current laws on growing cannabis outdoors in your jurisdiction, search the cannifornian database.

Green Carpet Growing wants you to learn how to grow cannabis at home and will continue to support your right to grow at home. Want to get involved? Contact us!