Home Grower Question: How long does it take to grow cannabis indoors using grow tents?

Answer: Growing cannabis from seedling or clone to full maturity indoors using grow tents may take 3 – 4 months, depending on how long you keep your plant in the “vegetative” phase of growth.

Generally, growing cannabis (pot, weed, marijuana, etc.) indoors properly with tents will take you 3 – 4 months, with 1 – 2 months in “veg” and 2 months in “flower.”

Remember, no two plants are exactly the same and you are ultimately responsible for determining how long you will grow your plants inside, not the plant. Consider this: using a grow tent will limit the height potential of your plant, and in turn, keeps your grow cycle on the shorter side. Depending on whether you are growing with a grow tent or in a grow room with tall ceilings, or in an empty indoor pool, really influences how long it will take to grow a cannabis plant into full maturity.

People who grow cannabis outdoors take a much longer time in the “veg” phase of growth, resulting in taller, bigger plants, and a longer grow cycle. A cannabis plants’ “flowering” phase, regardless of being grown indoors or outside, will generally be 50 – 70 days. The big difference between outdoor cannabis plants and indoor cannabis plants in terms of how long it takes to grow, is the amount of time in the “vegetative” phase of growth.


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