Q: How do you become a master grower?

A: To become a master grower (or grow master,) first differentiate between home growing and commercial cannabis cultivation. Big difference. You see, legal commercial cannabis companies hire master growers for legal commercial cannabis grows. They also hire master growers for cannabis breeding programs. This term is not to be taken lightly in the cannabis industry.

With home growing, the term “master grower” can be loosely attributed to someone who can grow cannabis at home successfully whether inside or outside, growing in soil or hydroponically. If you and your friends are vying to be a “grow master” in hobby growing, then by all means, have at it. For home-growing, just like other hobbies, there’s typically an amateur level, indeterminate level, advanced level, and master level. A “master grower” indicates  one has perfected the art of cannabis cultivation.

Becoming a home-grow master grower is simply a matter of being able to grow high quality, clean cannabis in various growing mediums and environments, and mastering the hardest part of growing cannabis: diagnosing and treating plant pests, plant diseases, and plant deficiencies. In fact, if you are professing to be a “master grower” at home, you might just be eligible for work as an assistant grower at a commercial facility. Don’t get too cocky though, commercial facilities employ very high standards. 

To be a master grower for a commercial cannabis nursery, you need experience and training.


There are no accredited colleges in the US offering master grower degrees, but it is a possibility in the future. Most commercial “master grower” jobs require 3 + years of commercial cultivation experience. If you have only a year or two of commercial cannabis growing experience, but significant agricultural, horticultural, botanical experience, you certainly should consider throwing your hat in the ring. This way, you can start to get on their radar as a viable candidate, if not for the current position, but a future one. Jobs in cannabis are about relationships — and these things take time.

If you have a viable master grower resume and have leadership qualities, then run your submission up the flag pole. Remember, what they say is true: you miss the opportunities you choose not to take.

If you need help growing and want to learn to grow cannabis efficiently and effectively at home, Green Carpet Growing offers you cannabis cultivation education and support through cannabis training programs, grow classes, video chat training, and home grow consulting. Anyone can learn to grow high quality cannabis with the right training, personal instruction, and support. 



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