An interview with a new home-grower in San Diego

This interview is with Peter, a small business owner who lives in Chula Vista, one of the few areas of San Diego that allows outdoor cannabis cultivation. Peter took a Green Carpet Growing grow class in late 2017, and has been gardening cannabis ever since! 


Green Carpet Growing: How long have you been growing at home, and how many harvests have you had?

Peter: My wife and I have been growing for 1 year. You did a class at our house and that’s when we started.


Green Carpet Growing: What does your home grow look like right now?

Peter: We are now doing hydroponics, so we are growing in rockwool cubes.


Green Carpet Growing: Why did you decide to grow your own at home?

Peter: Cannabis cost too much at the shops, and we were spending a ton of money and didn’t even know if what we were smoking was organic.


Green Carpet Growing: What is your favorite slang word for cannabis?

Peter: Survey says… Weed.


Green Carpet Growing: What has been the hardest part about growing at home?

Peter: The hardest part about growing at home for us are bugs/pest prevention, but we currently have it under control. It took some work on our part.


Green Carpet Growing: What challenges have you faced — or are you facing — while growing at home?

Peter: Waiting long enough to properly cure the cannabis. We installed solar panels to help offset the electric bill too.


Green Carpet Growing: What is the best part of growing at home?

Peter: The best part about growing cannabis at home is the variety we smoke, and we know our cannabis is organic with no pesticides or PGRs.


Green Carpet Growing: Which strains have you grown and why?

Peter: Jack Blue Dream for the flavor. Sleeping Giant for the CBD and THC. White Widow because it grows great outside.


Green Carpet Growing: What are your current home grow goals?

Peter: Current goals are to harvest every 2 months, to have enough so we can donate to cancer patients and anyone in need locally.