Marc Eden, Founder

Home Grower Consulting

Home grower consulting means you can receive cannabis cultivation training, coaching, mentoring and consulting remotely by video, from anywhere in the world. Based in California, Green Carpet Growing provides people with home grow consulting from home grow consultants who are dedicated to your cultivation and success growing at home. Just download WhatsApp on your phone and get ready to consult with home grow consultants in California.

Green Carpet Growing consults aspiring, beginner and struggling home grow gardeners on indoor, outdoor and hydroponics cannabis cultivation. Why work with us? You can work smarter and avoid gardening pitfalls by bringing a home grow consultant into your cultivation efforts early on. You’ll save time, money and resources over the long-run and everyone learns better through personal interaction rather than just watching tutorial videos or reading articles. Our services are personalized to the individual and their needs.

Whether you need support getting started, setting up your grow tent or hydroponics system, purchasing home grow equipment and supplies, or need training on things like cloning, super-cropping, or curing, Green Carpet Growing will assist you. 

It’s never to late to ask for help when gardening cannabis. Having failed or wasted harvests is hard on the pocketbook, so preventative measures and education are important.

Learn to grow with a home grow consultant to ensure your efforts are stress-less and on the right path.

Green Carpet Growing provides home growers like you both consulting and training with quality customer service and dedicated personal instruction. You can sign up for a custom training program or hire us as needed. Contact us to get started!