Below is a list of recommended growing supplies for everyone to use.



Female Marijuana Seeds



Gorilla Grow tents have a “LITE” grow tent which is still very sturdy and doesn’t rip or fall apart. Their “LITE” model is a great way to grab a high quality grow tent for less. We wouldn’t write it if it weren’t true. It is quite common for certain grow tent sizes to go “out of stock,” however, they will soon become available again. Be patient!

2 x 4 grow tent (LITE)
3 x 3 grow tent
4 x 4 grow tent (LITE)
5 x 5 grow tent (LITE)



Viparspectra XS2000 (OK for 2×4 or 4 x 4 tents)
HLG 600 (OK for 4 x 4, 5×5, 6×6 grow tents) 



With these recommended soils, please note, they are already well fertilized. Don’t add VEG fertilizer for at least 30 days if you’re using a fresh new bag. If you’re reusing your soil, which is usually OK, then you just need to amendments your soil. As long as you always keep your soil medium moist, which you should, you can even get worms to add to it. If you are starting off and aren’t sure which to choose, you can mix and match, or just stick to one brand. Most soil bags come in 1.5 cubic feet. That is enough for two 5 gallon pots. If you see the soil cheaper online, it is likely a much smaller bag, such as a quart of soil.

Dr. Earth
Big Roots
Ocean Forest

With soil, you also have a more DIY option. If you want to DIY and make your own soil, try the 1/3 worm castings, 1/3 peat, and 1/3 perlite method.  Below are the individual products, which come in large bags. Amend it with Tony’s Magic Mix or Dr. Earth’s Home Grown from the next section.

Worm Castings
Peat Moss



Soil Moisture Reader

Large Pump Sprayer 






Below are two options to amend your soil. Don’t forget, if you use a brand new bag of soil to plant a seed in, and you are only staying in vegetative phase for 30-45 days, you don’t even need to get vegetative fertilizer. You can start using flower phase fertilizer at that time instead. (Read that twice!) However, if you’re staying in vegetative phase for much longer, then you’ll need vegetative fertilizer or to amend reused soil on your next runs.

Dr. Earth’s Flower Girl (For Flower Phase)
Dr. Earth’s Home Grown (For Vegetative Phase)

Tony’s Magic Flower (For Flower Phase)
Tony’s Magic Mix (For Vegetative Phase)



Plastic pots help retain moisture, compared to felt pots which dry out too quickly. You can reuse your plastic pots, so they’ll basically last forever. Just fill your pots up with soil, get it plenty moist, and plant your seeds. There’s no transplanting necessary with seeds, just plant them in their final home. 

5 gallon pots (10 pack)
5 gallon pots (5 pack)

10 gallon pots (10 pack)
10 gallon pots (5 pack)



4″ Exhaust Fan



Clip on fan


Organocide Spray Ready
Trifecta Read to Use